The #1 Source Of Affordable Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids With Free Shipping

Jun 11, 2024

You can now get free shipping on your over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid order from Nano Hearing Aids (888-310-6266). It’s just another reason to love this trusted name in hearing care.

If you buy a set of over-the-counter aids from Nano Hearing Aids, you’ll get one more positive surprise with your purchase: free shipping!

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Nano Announces Free Shipping On Online Orders

Nano Hearing Aids is pleased to once again be lowering the cost to access their over-the-counter hearing aids with their new shipping policy. If you choose Nano for your hearing aids, you can now enjoy free shipping on your purchase.

Nano’s OTC aids are recommended to you if you are over the age of 18, you have perceived mild to moderate hearing loss and you are seeking an affordable, effective and convenient hearing solution that doesn’t require a hearing aid prescription.

With their base hearing aids model, their CIC Recharge, starting from a low RRP of $297, Nano Hearing Aids has established a reputation for reducing the barriers and costs to hearing technology. Now, with their free standard shipping in the Continental United States, they are pleased to be giving you another incentive to choose Nano.

“We ship all hearing aids within 1 business day and it takes from 2 to 7 business days to arrive at your home depending on how fast the postal service delivers,” said Nano. “We now offer Standard shipping for free via USPS with an Express (2-3 business days) delivery option also available."

Choose Nano For Your OTC Hearing Aids

The hearing aids manufacturers will also offer you a flexible 45-day trial window so that you can really get comfortable using your new aids before having to decide if they are right for you.

With seven unique OTC models—and both CIC (completely-in-canal) and BTE behind-the-ear styles—available, Nano Hearing Aids can offer you a selection of smart, portable, rechargeable and nearly invisible hearing aids, and they are confident that they will have a device that suits each shopper’s needs.

They encourage interested you to read through their transparent reviews from real shoppers, their satisfaction guarantee and their full shipping policy before you decide on one of their overt-the-counter models... and if you have any doubts their helpful customer service team is waiting for your call.

Nano’s Commitment To Making Good Hearing More Affordable

Nano said in their own words: “Nano Hearing Aids has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. We are passionate about enriching lives and helping you find an affordable solution to your hearing needs. We make hearing better and easier.”

Nano appreciates that shopping for your first set of hearing aids can be confusing and overwhelming and they want to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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