Tennessee Movers Offer Stress-Free Packing & Unpacking With Furniture Reassembly

Jul 2, 2024

Are you dreading packing up all your stuff for your next house move? Let True Friends Moving Company (+1-615-988-9190) take the stress away with their comprehensive packing service.

If you're in the process of moving house, you may well be putting off the packing process. I don't blame you. Meticulously wrapping every glass... neatly folding every shirt... it's enough to send anyone to sleep. Think you can just toss everything into boxes and be done with it? I mean, you could but I don't think the unpacking process will be quite so enjoyable.

Need some help? No problem! True Friends Moving Company is here to make your move as easy-breezy as possible.

Get help with your Tennessee move at https://www.truefriendsmovingcompany.com/nashville/packing-services/

Stress-free Moving

According to research from Today’s Homeowner, it takes approximately 13 hours to pack up the average household when moving. From dismantling furniture to wrapping fragile items, packing is often the most time-consuming part of the whole process. With its packing service expansion, True Friends Moving Company addresses this issue head-on, helping you complete a stress-free, seamless move.

As reported in the LA Times, the average U.S. household contains over 300,000 items. Packing up this many items is a big commitment, says True Friends Moving Company, and can quickly become tedious. If packing up your entire home fills you with dread, do not fear! Everyone deserves a little help from their friends, and True Friends Moving Company has just the service for you.

“Whether you simply need packing supplies or you would like us to handle everything from start to finish, our experienced, friendly crews are ready to get to work,” says True Friends Moving Company.

Safety First

With safety in mind, the company prides itself on using secure packing materials and techniques to shield all your household items from harm. For example, large furniture items are padded or shrink-wrapped to ensure no damage occurs when moving them through narrow doorways and corridors. The company also provides no-cost floor protection to ensure that surfaces at both properties stay damage-free.

Similarly, True Friends Moving company ensures your smaller, more fragile items are securely packaged with bubble wrap and paper before being placed in organized, labeled packing boxes. All supplies, including boxes, cushioning and tape are provided by True Friends Moving Company, making the moving process as seamless as possible.

In addition to its secure packing service, True Friends Moving Company offers coordinated unpacking and item setup at your new location. This includes complimentary furniture re-assembly and the reconnection of kitchen appliances (excluding gas). Best to leave the tricky stuff to the experts!

One satisfied customer said: “We are so glad we called True Friends for our move! They were courteous, punctual and friendly. The company took great care moving our items and worked quickly to complete the job. We've moved many times with other movers and this was by far the easiest thanks to your skilled team!”

Let True Friends do the hard work for you. Click https://www.truefriendsmovingcompany.com/ now to find out more.

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