Ten Greeting Card Challenge To Strengthen Relationships With Friends & Family

May 11, 2024

Sending a greeting card is one of the simplest ways to strengthen your relationships with others. Show your friends and family how much they mean to you with Ann Arbor’s 10-Card Challenge!

It's no secret that expressing gratitude spreads positivity. When you take the time to show your appreciation, you feel better and lift others too. When life gets busy, gratitude tends to fall by the wayside but not with Ann Arbor's Send Out Cards 10-card challenge!

Show your friends and family you care by joining the 10-card challenge now.

What is the 10-card challenge?

For a one-time cost of $20, you can send 10 personalized greeting cards to anyone across the world within 20 days. "Each card is thoughtfully crafted with inspiring prompts and heartfelt messages, making it easy for you to share your deepest emotions," says the company. Through the simple act of sending personalized greeting cards, you can strengthen your connections with loved ones and remind them how much you care.

Unlike digital communication, greeting cards are tangible and personal, creating a special sense of closeness, explains Ann Arbor Send Out Cards. Designed by professional artists, each card features inspiring prompts and heartfelt messages to demonstrate your appreciation. Looking to celebrate a specific occasion? No problem! You can choose from a broad range of designs, from birthdays and anniversaries to special events such as Mother's Day.

Stress-free sending

Let's take this moment to admire those who have an organized diary system, meticulously kept up-to-date with birthdays and special dates. You know the ones I'm talking about... because they are also the people who have a designated drawer filled with greeting cards for every occasion. The rest of us fall into the second category: disorganized, forgetful, and in desperate need of an automated greeting card service that does the hard work for us!

With Ann Arbor's Send Out Cards 10-card challenge, you no longer have to rely on your organizational skills. Why? Because the company delivers your cards via its strategic Prompting Mechanism, designed with 'stress-free' sending in mind. This system ensures that each card reaches its intended recipient on time so that you don't have to!

Test the system's effectiveness today by sending a free greeting card via the company's website!

More about Ann Arbor Send Out Cards

Ann Arbor Send Out Cards was founded by Kody and Jodi Bateman to enable individuals to connect on a deeper level. Since launching, the company has facilitated the dispatch of over 200 million greeting cards and has been used by over 1 million customers around the world.

Showing your appreciation is the most powerful thing you can do for others. Leave a lasting impression, by joining the 10-card challenge today!

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