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Nov 26, 2021

Mirchi9 is your go-to online resource for Telugu cinema news. We regularly release updates on the latest developments on your favourite TV shows and movies.

Keep up-to-date with the latest Telugu cinema news with the most comprehensive Tamil entertainment resource!

Meant to be a one-stop shop for everything Kollywood, Mirchi9 is dedicated to being a trusted source of Telugu news. You are regularly updated on the latest TV shows, movies, and other entertainment-related stories in the southern Indian state.

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The new website breaks away from mainstream media which typically focuses on Bollywood and northern Indian actors. As a premium Kollywood news resource, we address a growing demand in the market for Telugu-related updates.

Much to the delight of fans of Hindi cinema, Telugu films have been gaining more worldwide media attention recently, with popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime featuring critically acclaimed Telugu works such as Seven and Baahubali. A growing interest in the industry has also sparked global conversations on the difference between Bollywood films and Telugu cinema, including its other Southern counterpart of Malayalam movies. 

Experts say that this may be attributed to the distinctive movie style of Telegu films which are often psychological in nature and feature several interesting plot points that captivate audiences. In fact, several foreign critics have labelled Kollywood as a refreshing alternative to traditional Indian works which are typically interjected with much singing and dancing.

We are composed of a team passionate about Telugu entertainment. We believe that the industry will continue to grow in popularity, perhaps one day becoming as recognized and globally known as Bollywood films.

Aside from the latest Kollywood news, our website also offers in-depth movie reviews and stories on Telugu actors and actresses.

An example would be our latest report on actress Samantha who has officially announced her first-ever song in Allu Arjun’s Pushpa since her divorce from Naga Chaitanya. According to the report, the celebrity allegedly imposed many conditions on Arjun’s team for the shoot.

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