Teeth Whitening Methods: Don’t Let Braces Stop Your Dental Appearance Dreams

Feb 27, 2024

Worried that your braces might interfere with your teeth-whitening dreams? Fear no more – read this Valleant report to learn why braces won’t get in the way of your pearly whites!

Whitening Your Teeth With Braces: Your How-To Guide!

If you’re wearing braces, you know that it’s part of a long-term process designed to straighten your teeth. If you think you need to wait until they’re gone before you can try out teeth whitening, though, think again! In fact, Valleant knows exactly how you can make your teeth whiter than ever - even with your braces…

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Its report illustrates that teeth whitening remains accessible to those with braces - despite the added challenges. Valleant points to a range of techniques and professional treatments that can be equally as effective no matter your orthodontic situation!

Don’t worry - you don’t necessarily need to wait until your braces are removed before you can pursue your teeth whitening goals. Several methods are available via home treatment or dental office routes, says Valleant - delivering whitening results without interfering with your ongoing orthodontic care.

Among others, Valleant names specialist whitening toothpaste as a fitting product you’ll want to try. It cites the item’s gradual stain removal prowess as a benefit, helping you to make a long-term impact on your teeth as your braces treatment continues. Yet, it recommends that you search for products associated with a gentle formula so as to protect your orthodontic appliances as much as possible. 

Professional dental care is also explored, with Valleant outlining the capabilities of dentists to find effective ways of whitening your teeth around braces. Before pursuing this option, the report encourages you to seek out pre-treatment check-ups - allowing dentists to assess the condition of your teeth and gums prior to any whitening procedures.

Whiter teeth are yours to attain…

The report also presents a connection between oral hygiene and long-lasting teeth whitening results, advising you to combine whitening mouthwash with daily flossing for optimal effects. By taking care of your teeth and being careful to avoid certain foods and drinks, it suggests that you can help to maintain a whiter coloration - even with braces.

Acknowledging that braces are a temporary orthodontic measure, the report also highlights an expanding array of options that will become available to you once you’ve finished your treatment. You can then pursue additional methods to whiten your straightened teeth - supported by the ongoing maintenance tips revealed by the report.

As written in the report: “After the orthodontic treatment is completed and the braces are removed, individuals have more options for whitening treatments, including professional bleaching or over-the-counter whitening strips that could provide more uniform results.”

With these tips, your braces won’t stop your teeth from becoming brilliantly white!

Ready to learn more?

Check out Valleant’s full report at https://valleant.com/2023/12/20/how-to-whiten-my-teeth-with-braces-2/ today…

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