Technology Adoption Legal Viewpoints & Ethical Challenges: Expert Perspectives!

May 31, 2024

Curious about how emerging technologies might affect your work? Dr. Steven A. Wright explores legal and ethical opportunities for professionals in his blog series.

Technology is developing so rapidly - sometimes it's hard to keep up. If you're feeling behind when it comes to understanding the implications of emerging tech, get up to date with the series of articles from Dr. Steven A. Wright!

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The series of blog articles explores current topics surrounding ethics, law, and technology adoption for healthcare, politics, industry, and more.

As emerging technology continues to affect all areas of business and society, the articles focus on pertinent topics such as privacy, security, legal and regulatory aspects, intellectual property, blockchain applications, DAOs, and AI.

Get An Informed Perspective

A recent study published in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research shows that there is an increasing need for discussion and understanding regarding the way in which technology adoption intersects with ethics, particularly for professionals in sensitive areas like healthcare. With many years of experience working in this field, Dr. Steven A. Wright offers an informed perspective.

“Technology is changing the world at an unprecedented pace, creating new opportunities and challenges for humanity,” says Dr. Wright. “We need to ensure that technology is used for good, not evil, and that it is regulated and governed in a fair, transparent way.”

Understand Ethical Frameworks

The blog is divided into three primary sections, corresponding to technology ethics, technology law, and technology adoption. The ethics section takes a close look at moral implications of emerging tech, including blockchain and AI, with a view towards understanding ethical frameworks that can guide professionals in their decision-making processes.

Drawing on his knowledge as a lawyer and technology researcher, Dr. Wright explores legal topics in the second portion of the article series, examining issues like compliance, liability, governance, and current regulations. Read more at

Finally, the third section of the blog series looks at factors and processes that influence the adoption and diffusion of new technologies. Topics in this section extend to innovation, resistance, and acceptance, with best practices and tips for effective, efficient use of technology.

Who Is Dr. Steven A. Wright?

Dr. Wright is an engineer, lawyer, professor, keynote conference speaker, and entrepreneur. He has decades of experience in mentoring, teaching, and negotiating technology agreements that enable new ecosystems in the information technology industry.

Stay current with the most relevant technology topics affecting your world, thanks to Dr. Wright!

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