Tech Nonprofit curaJOY Launches AI-Powered Behavioral Healthcare Platform

Jul 8, 2024

curaJOY introduces its innovative, AI-powered family wellness platform to the world with a successful beta launch event.

On June 13, tech nonprofit curaJOY hosted a beta launch event for its new family wellness hub, MyCuraJOY. This event gave community members and volunteers a chance to experience the platform first-hand and give early feedback on its assessments, interactive quests, and other features.

If you're struggling to communicate with your family, or find reliable mental and social support, MyCuraJOY will be a valuable tool to have.

Combating Disparities In Behavioral Healthcare

curaJOY is committed to fixing the disparities in behavioral healthcare, especially for marginalized groups.

According to a 2023 report by the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM), 49 percent of the U.S. population lives in an area with a mental health workforce shortage.

In spite of the industry's workforce and infrastructure limitations, the nonprofit hopes to use its new AI-powered platform to make social and mental health support accessible to families across the globe.

Improving Family Relationships And Enhancing Emotional Wellness

MyCuraJOY is a platform that combines the practical knowledge of licensed counselors, psychologists, and behavior analysts, with the predictive analysis of AI technology to bring you personalized social and mental health support any time you need it.

The platform gives you real-time, context-aware behavioral coaching, streamlines time-consuming psychoeducational evaluation processes, carries out diagnostics and monitoring, provides skill-building programs, and much more.

Through this automated family wellness hub, parents, children, teachers, and healthcare providers will be able to work together to improve their interactions and relationships, enhance their emotional wellness, and tackle challenging behavioral issues in a safe space.

Inspiring Systemic Change In The Behavioral Healthcare Industry

curaJOY has advocated for behavior therapy, health equity, and learning differences since its establishment, creating innovative, inclusive, and community-driven tech solutions that will help you achieve mental and emotional wellness. With platforms like MyCuraJOY and In My Shoes, which use interactive technology to develop empathy and understanding for autism, BIPOC experiences, and marginalization, the nonprofit hopes to inspire positive systemic changes in the behavioral healthcare industry.

“The responsible and ethical use of AI and data can effectively remedy healthcare and education disparities, but only if we enable diverse communities to be at the forefront of tech solution creation. We need students, housewives, clinicians, immigrants, and seniors at the table,” said Caitlyn Wang, Chief Joymaker at curaJOY.

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