Tech Company Releases Software to Help Your Business Collaborate and Strategize

Mar 29, 2021

Simplex Financials (210) 404-4840, has released exciting new office software to help your business organize information, work together, and make financial decisions.

Do you need a tool to help your office communicate, collaborate, and streamline office processes? Are you a business owner who needs to understand where you can improve, how events affect your business, and how your business stands up against the competition? Are you a financial professional who needs to organize your clients’ financial data and communications? Look no further than the groundbreaking software that Simplex Financials has released!

Simplex Financials, a San Antonio technology company focused on helping small business owners, has released a software package called Path. Path by Simplex Financials helps you and your staff communicate, collaborate, organize information, understand your current financial status, and community financial impact. It also assists financial professionals with client communications.

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This newly released software solves the issue of employees working different hours or in remote locations who have challenges collaborating on projects and brainstorming. This is often because documentation is stored in a variety of places and multiple digital platforms are being used.

83% of small business owners believe having an organized office is a vital part of owning a business. Yet, even with the best people and experienced owners, this can be a challenge. Many offices are mazes of physical documents and emails with no central location or simple index to help retrieve needed documents in a timely manner. Does this represent your office?

Path, by Simplex Financials, solves this problem with a feature called Bookmarks. Bookmarks is a place to save, collect and organize your business documents, both financial and non-financial. Simply Bookmark any document, calculation, media, or communication that is important to track. Bookmarks can be shared with your team members, so everyone is referencing the same information.

A CPA says, “Path eliminates the need to dig through old client emails, documents, and files. Path keeps everything on one platform, and Bookmarks helps to easily locate the information.” This software and feature work for accountants, financial advisors, and business owners.

Path has many other features to assist you. The Bridge social feature helps keep all discussions in one place and provides a place for company announcements and sharing news between departments. Milestones helps track your business history and the impact of your decisions.

Data Mash lets you forecast future strategic moves using data the company already collects. Snapshot provides a window into how events affect your business. Analysis and Industry Comparisons show how your business can improve and how it compares to others in the your industry.

Founders Robert J Chandler, Chairman and CEO, and Mike Milan, President, have released this software in alignment with the Simplex Financials’ mission to help business owners’ dreams become a reality by providing a platform that collects and connects all data, conversations, and documents in a centralized location.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Call Simplex Financials today to get started!

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