Tascreon The Charitable Travel Gear Brand Giving Back To Communities In Need Of Drinking Water

Jan 16, 2017

Discover the amazing travel gear brand named Tascreon from which you can get the best and most multifunctional travel accessories around at the best possible prices while giving back to those underprivileged communities around the world who need clean and safe drinking water.

Tascreon, a new travel gear company providing the most innovative, multi-functional and inclusive travel products & accessories while giving back to communities around the world in need of clean, safe drinking water, has been launched.

More information is available at https://tascreon.com.

The newly founded travel gear and accessories brand, Tascreon, was created by passionate, experienced travelers committed to encouraging travelling guided by the values and principles of humanity, kindness, generosity and the pursuit for knowledge, cultural exchange and new experiences or connections.

The company chooses to do this by making and selling uniquely inclusive and multi-functional travel accessories which can help improve all types of travelling, from the exploration and discovery of different cultures around the world to simple weekend getaways with the family, while donating part of the profits to charities who help build wells for communities in need safe and clean drinking water.

Its flagship release is an innovative, adjustable travel pillow with pouch & neck support which can be easily inflated and deflated for entirely personalized comfort, ideal for people of all ages and any form of travel. The uniquely adjustable and ergonomic travel pillow combines a luxurious ultra-soft micro-velvet cover with contoured raised arches which ensure support on both sides of the head to help maintain proper neck alignment.

More information on the new travel gear brand, Tascreon, and its founding values or the inclusive, multi-functional travel products & accessories it provides, including its flagship inflatable travel pillows available at a highly affordable price exclusively on Amazon, can be consulted through the website link provided above along with details on its efforts and commitment to help provide clean, safe drinking water to underprivileged communities around the world.

The Tascreon team explains that “travel is an essential way to seek knowledge. The world is an enormous place, full of exciting people and places, offering such a plethora of interesting things to do, see and experience. Encouraging travel guided by our principles is the goal and we choose to do this by making and selling travel accessories that can offer solutions to all and donating a portion of the profit to help provide clean water to communities who need it.”

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