Targeted Video Billboards Capture Attention & Drive Brand Awareness & Conversion

Feb 18, 2024

If you want to reach more customers and grow your brand, call R.E.D Marketing Firm at +13467772137 – and make digital billboards part of your strategy!

When you get ads through the mail, what do you do? Chuck them in the trash, just like everyone else. And your email’s spam inbox is probably overflowing. But there’s something about billboards that makes them captivating in a way that other ads aren’t. With R.E.D Marketing Firm, you can harness this to get more eyes on your products and services!

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The magic’s in the movement

R.E.D. Marketing Firm underscores the primary differences between digital billboards and their static traditional counterparts - noting in particular that digital billboards offer advanced customization, with content that can be specifically tailored to the audience. You can use this to adjust ads based on venue, event, or location, offering key messages in high-traffic areas.

According to research from Gitnux, 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving or walking past them - meaning digital billboards attract eyes more reliably than static ads, and viewers are more likely to notice and absorb the information presented to them.

Captivate audiences with 'wow' factor

According to R.E.D Marketing Firm, videos allow you to showcase products in action and tell a story more effectively than if you were just using static images. These can be combined with GIFs, which seamlessly loop messages that viewers can grasp quickly - allowing for visual storytelling that explains offerings, services, and value propositions efficiently.

Messaging on digital boards can also be adjusted based on the time of day. For example, restaurants can promote breakfast menus in the morning and happy hour specials in the evening to reach customers when they are most relevant.

Combine billboards with full-stack marketing

In addition to the digital billboard offerings, R.E.D. Marketing Firm provides a full range of services, including one-page case studies to showcase client success stories, website design tailored to conversion optimization, social media marketing, and results-driven email marketing campaigns.

The agency explains that digital billboards are especially effective when used as part of a multimedia advertising strategy, raising brand awareness across channels. A spokesperson states: “Leveraging the potential of digital billboards can unlock unprecedented levels of brand awareness and engagement. So, harness the power of digital billboards, combining captivating visuals with strategic tactics, and watch your advertising impact soar to new heights.”

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