Talk To Lawrence, KS Boarding School Child Molestation Attorney Reed Martens

Dec 18, 2023

Did you know that child molestation also includes forced exposure to adult materials? If your kid’s boarding school experience has been tainted by this act, don’t hesitate to contact Abuse Guardians (+1-267-974-1069) to get the legal support you need.

You work hard to give your child the best possible education at a boarding school. However, the same exclusivity and seclusion that connotes prestige may also facilitate sexual abuse.

Should you suspect that your child has been sexually molested by teachers and staff members, Abuse Guardians can help you file a lawsuit.

The group has appointed Atty. Reed Martens as the organization’s Abuse Guardian in Kansas. He has extensive experience in handling sensitive cases involving sexual abuse, particularly those affecting minors. 

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The lawyer can help if your child has suffered physical, mental, and emotional harm due to sexual abuse in a boarding school. He has a special focus on cases involving the sharing of explicit content with underage individuals.


Research indicates that 10% of students in private schools report experiencing sexual abuse. Boarding school students are particularly susceptible due to limited contact with family and friends, making it hard to notice and address the signs of abuse. 

Atty. Martens understands the devastating and long-lasting effects of sexual molestation on impressionable minds, helping clients seek legal remedies. He stresses that early legal consultation can be crucial in ensuring your child’s rights are protected, especially because the statute of limitations lapses three years after he or she turns 18.


He can also handle lawsuits involving sexual harassment, grooming, exploitation, and inappropriate relationships. Atty. Martens uses his legal knowledge and experience to secure the highest possible settlement for you. This payout can help your child access much-needed medical care and psychological consultations, which can be financially burdensome.

You can book a no-obligation preliminary consultation with Atty. Martens. This initial meeting allows the lawyer to evaluate your case and outline potential legal strategies.

The experienced attorney says: “I believe that every voice matters. By standing up for victims and securing the justice they deserve, I hope to create a safer environment for all, especially in spaces such as boarding schools. You can rely on me to handle your case with tact, discretion, and sensitivity.”


With a wide network of partner lawyers and firms, Abuse Guardians enables you to get the experienced legal advice you need no matter where you are. To date, it has designated lawyers in states such as Illinois, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and West Virginia, among others. It has successfully handled abuse cases involving daycare workers and medical professionals as well.

The law firm has one goal: to make abusers in boarding schools accountable for their actions. Begin your journey toward closure by scheduling an appointment with Atty. Martens today.

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