Talent Pool Of Fractional CXOs: New Resource Offers Fast & Risk-Free Hiring

Jul 7, 2024

Hyrproz is an exciting new fractional talent hiring platform that launches to the public on July 20, 2024, offering a pool of 10,000 skilled and experienced executives from day-1.

A Dedicated Fractional CXO Platform

Finding the right fractional CXO for your startup could entail visiting multiple websites and reading through hundreds of resumes. The new Hyrproz platform offers 10,000+ vetted candidates and uses AI-based matching technology to narrow down the search.

Go to https://www.hyrproz.com for more information.

The website has already been operating in a closed beta for several quarters, allowing them to refine and streamline the processes. They’ve also collated an incredible talent pool of 10,000+ candidates, which will only grow in the coming months.

The AI-based candidate matching system recommends talent based on specific parameters, such as location, skills, industry, and more. While the public launch will occur on 20 July, 2024, you can join the Hryproz waitlist right now, so you have first choice on top talent.

“We invite companies and professionals to join the Hyrproz platform as we gear up for our public launch,” said the Hyrproz team. “Our mission is to make hiring fast, efficient, and risk-free.”

Bringing Greater Efficiency To Fractional Hiring

Fractional hiring is becoming an increasingly popular way for startups and small businesses to tap into skilled and experienced professionals, without the cost that full-time employment would entail. While the approach is a cost-effective option for many companies, it also has several challenges, including the time it takes to find suitable individuals, and the risk of contracting with someone who doesn’t perform as hoped.

Hyrproz was developed to serve the growing demand for fractional talent, while also helping to address many of the common problems. By listing thousands of candidates on one platform, the site reduces the need to visit multiple agencies, and the AI-based matching software is also designed to perform many of the initial screening tasks, such as reading through hundreds of resumes.

Designed For Businesses & Professionals Alike

The new service is also intended to mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong individual. The company states that the nature of fractional hiring makes it much easier to terminate an agreement, and you can also use Hyrproz to find a replacement quickly and easily.

In addition to businesses, Hyrproz was also developed to serve the increasing number of professionals who are interested in working in a fractional capacity. The site is actively accepting new applications as it progresses through the public launch period.

“Whether you need a CMO, CFO, or CTO, fractional hiring is the cost-effective way of tapping into top talent without exposing your business to too much risk,” the company continues. “For professionals, it’s also a great way to start working with startups and see if that is something that excites you. Many fractional roles lead to full-time positions over time.”

Whether you’re a startup or an experienced professional, Hyrproz promise to revolutionize fractional hiring for everyone.

Check out https://www.hyrproz.com so you can learn more.

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