Take Your Golf Game To The Next Level With Bio-Feedback Brain Training Swing Diagnostics

Sep 11, 2018

Balbi Golf has announced they can help customers with their new golf diagnostic services. The services are ideal for anyone that loves golf and wants to improve their swing.

Balbi Golf has announced that they can help up and coming golf players improve their game through their new golf diagnostics services. Balbi Golf offers their diagnostic services alongside other services such as bio-feedback training and complete game management, to help improve customers golf game and help them get better through training their skills and mind. The services are ideal for anyone that enjoys golf and wants to get better.

More information can be found at: https://balbigolf.com

Balbi Golf is a company that is run by an enthusiastic, experienced personal golf coach called David. David is incredibly knowledgeable with a vast amount of experience in teaching golf through being an expert golf coach.

Customers can rest assured that they will be in the hands of a top quality teacher, who is dedicated to helping customers achieve their personal goals.

The diagnostic services help to change the golf swing and redefine the actual swing of each individual customer. The diagnostics tools and training technology coupled together along with Balbi Golf’s brain training technology, helps to completely improve the golf game of any customer.

The diagnostic service includes the use of FlightScope – a top of the range data tracker that can track the ball flight real-time, measuring data from the initial launch of the ball, all the way until where it lands.

This gives the best and most accurate data on the angle, speed and carry distance, as well as making it possible to analyse the swing with real-time measured swing plane and club data at impact.

Customers will find that the training sessions using the diagnostic equipment are available in a range of different time frames and for adults and children as well. The packages start at 30 minute sessions, and go all the way up to a full two hour session.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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