Take Advantage of the Oriental and Rug Spring Cleaning Service and Save

Apr 1, 2017

The newly launched ‘Spring Clean’ service by the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros situated in Boca Raton, Florida means exotic rug owners can rest assured when cleaning their most-prized flooring. With over 28-years’ experience cleaning the most delicate of fabric rugs and also valuable antiques, the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros inspect and assessed all rugs before cleaning to ensure maintenance of their color, design and overall integrity, and their brilliance brought out.

Boca Raton-based Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros, experts in cleaning Oriental, Persian and other delicate rugs and carpets, have launched a 'Spring Clean' service for all who take advantage of their specialized cleaning services during spring. This promotion ensures owners of exotic and antique rugs get a great deal, especially when the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros patiently clean handmade knotted, tribal and woolen rugs by hand to ensure they keep their weave, color and shape, so they sparkle after treatment.

More information is available at http://bocaratonorientalrugcleaning.com.

Specializing in the hand washing and cleaning of Oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Tribal and Flokati rugs, as well as Wilton, Axminster and Karastan and other fine wool rugs and carpets, the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros know that no two rugs are the same. Consequently, they use cleaning methods that preserve a rug's integrity, while bringing out its brilliance.

The Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros inspect all rugs and carpets before cleaning to determine the age of the rug, the state of its dyes and the condition of the weave. These checks ensure that rugs and carpets stay in optimal condition throughout and after the cleaning process.

Some of the most prized rugs and carpets cleaned by the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros include expensive and much-loved antique and silk rugs. Many of these rugs, passed down from generation-to-generation are hundreds, even of thousands of years old. Therefore, their owners are hesitant about cleaning. But, the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros have experience in handling the finest and most delicate of materials, so they ensure the maintenance of rug design and color.

As a division of the Clean King Inc, a carpet and tile cleaning specialist, the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros have over 28-years’ experience and pride themselves on delivering exceptional service. Their white glove rug cleaning service is unmatched in the region, and they also offer a complimentary pickup and delivery service.

When asked about their cleaning process, a spokesperson for Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros said, “We're very picky about anything other than water coming into contact with the rugs as we clean. In fact, we're even picky about the amount of water used – some Oriental rugs will respond best to submersion while others will need a slow manual cleaning with minimal moisture.”

To find out more about the Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros and their 'Spring Clean' service, call 561 475 1990 or visit http://bocaratonorientalrugcleaning.com.

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