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7 Trump Memes That ROFL But Had Huge Fallout


Donald Trump is a great source of inspiration for many not-politically-correct jokes and memes, which provide a much needed comic relief. Whether you are a supporter of Trump or not, enjoy this new stream of awesome Trump memes....

12 Starbucks Name Fails That Are So Bad They’re Genius


How does it feel to get a cup of fresh Starbucks coffee? What was your personal experience? Was your name misspelled in a hilarious way or did you get irritated seeing that the barista has completely screwed it up? Here’re a couple of pictures by Starbucks customers who were so...

The 13 Most Hilarious Spot-On Family Guy Memes


The animated sitcom Family Guy runs for 16 seasons already. The show characters often make reference to and discuss current events and modern cultural idols with awesome catchphrases and notable expressions. The Family Guy fans have transformed them into hilarious memes. Here are some of the funniest Family Guy memes...

20 Dog Snaps To Help Lower Your Stress Level


Rejoice dog lovers of the world. While you probably won’t be famous like many artists, the chances of your dog being a superstar on the internet is high. Just take a look at these 20 dogs that have mastered the art of being an online celebrity. If you are having...

25 Low Cost Cosplay Ideas That Are 100% Spot On


This brilliant man, Anucha Sangchart, has been making the rounds on the internet lately with his witty and hilarious spot-on low cost cosplay ideas. If you are aware, cosplaying can cost anywhere from $50 to $5000 or even greater, depending on the quality of the costume and props you want...

20 People Who Got BURNED Because Of Their Own Doing [NSFW]


We all love seeing people burn themselves especially when they are being too full of themselves. Not the literal burn, but the “burn” burn that people experience when they say something and an angel chimes in to diss, insult, and put them to their proper place. Now, this post contains...

15 People Who Should Be Banned From Doing ANYTHING


Some people should be banned from Facebook, while others must be banned from the Internet forever. These fifteen people, however, must be banned from doing anything in life, otherwise they will hurt themselves, the people around them, and their gadgets or food. Please, help me spread the news. Ban these...

10 Mildly Infuriating Things That Will Make You Want to Punch Someone

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Are you OC? Are you a perfectionist? Do you want things to always be perfect and organized? HAHA You came to the wrong place. Just take a look at these 10 things that will infuriate you so bad you will want to rip out someone’s heart. Big trigger warning: if...

[Video] If Yo Yo Honey Singh Was A Feminist He Would Sound Like This

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Everyone knows that rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is infamous for being rude to women in his songs, all in exchange for fame and, well, more money. He’s extremely sexist, demeaning to women, doesn’t really care about how they would feel if they hear his songs, and most of all...

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