Swansea Personal Training Sessions: Get Toned with Fitness Program

Jun 12, 2024

Keep up with your exercise routine this summer with Swansea Strength & Conditioning (07814 731 224)! Sign up for a program with a personal trainer and start transforming your body!

Tailored and Specific Personal Training Program in Swansea

Do you find it hard to prioritise going to the gym in the summer but don't want to start over again come September? Then, Swansea Strength & Conditioning has just what you need: a tailored and specific personal training program! 

>>Learn more and book your PT sessions at: https://swansea-strengthandconditioning.co.uk/services/personal-trainer-in-swansea/

Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, build muscle mass, or improve flexibility, the coaches will help you stay on track and adjust the exercises and intensity to your goals.

Get Motivated to Stay on Track

Swansea Strength & Conditioning is here for you, no matter if you've never stepped foot in a gym and want to learn the basics or if you want help with motivation and taking your fitness regime to the next level. The trainers will also suggest lifestyle altercations, like diet changes, to maximise results.

Discover more details about the company's nutrition services by visiting: https://swansea-strengthandconditioning.co.uk/services/nutritionist-swansea/

"You deserve to get the most out of your fitness routine. Personal training might seem like a big investment on paper, but the benefits and advantages of having a local personal trainer to tailor and shape your workouts and improve your general health and wellbeing cannot be overstated," a spokesperson for the company said.

Most People Struggle With Exercise in Summer

As described by Stylist magazine, many people fall out of their fitness regime during summer. In a poll conducted by the writer, 66% said that they find it hard to keep up with their exercise routine during the summer months, whereas only 14% said they experienced the same during winter.

Custom Exercises and Professional Guidance 

In addition to helping you with accountability and motivation, the personal trainers at Swansea Strength & Conditioning will tailor the program to any prior injuries or limitations. They will also adjust the exercises to prevent injuries, as well as teach you how to perform movements safely with correct form, something that is especially important when lifting weights.

A client shared a testimonial: "Great knowledge on all aspects of strength and conditioning highly recommend. Got me over the Ironman finish line a few times."

About Swansea Strength & Conditioning

The company was founded by Liam Capener-Jones, a UKSCA-accredited strength and conditioning coach, in 2017. The whole team has qualifications on master's standards levels within their field and many years of experience working with athletes and common gym-goers. More than personal training, the company also offers group training sessions, injury rehab training, and meal plans tailored by a nutritionist.

>>Find out more about Liam by visiting: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liam-capener-jones-bsc-msc-ascc-212651101/

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