Swansea Personal Trainer Offers Group Fitness Sessions & Coaching Classes!

Feb 28, 2024

Ready to get in shape for spring? Swansea Strength & Conditioning (07814 731 224) offers exercise classes and custom training and nutrition packages, now with fitness instruction sessions also available for small or large groups of people.

If you're like me, you may be wondering what happened to all those fitness goals you set for yourself at the start of the year! If you're ready to kick things back into gear, check out the schedule of group fitness activities at Swansea Strength & Conditioning.

Learn more at https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/news/ampwire/swansea-personalised-nutrition-plans-group-fitness-training-sessions-announced#ixzz8Ny4b3uDY

The services include group exercise classes, fitness programs, strength and conditioning sessions, injury rehabilitation, and one-on-one coaching packages.

To help you meet your 2024 fitness goals, the calendar of group activities and individual classes at the gym provides a variety of ways for you to get in shape.

Stay Motivated

Research from Iowa State University shows that group fitness classes may be even more beneficial than individual training sessions, as collective exercise provides positive socialisation and increased motivation for many people. At Swansea Strength & Conditioning, the emphasis is on offering group fitness and instruction sessions that make exercise more enjoyable for you while encouraging individual milestones.

“Whatever your fitness goals or levels may be, at times we all need some extra encouragement, advice, support, and motivation,” says a spokesperson. “Having the support of your peers and our professional coaches could be the push you need to reach your target.”

Improve Your Abilities

If you're a recreational or elite athlete seeking strength and conditioning training to enhance sport performance or competition, the team of trainers works closely with you to improve physical abilities, like power, agility, speed, endurance, and size building. They’ll also coach you on injury prevention and recovery strategies.

Along with group classes and strength training, the fitness centre’s sports injury rehabilitation sessions support healing following surgery or accidents and are designed to help you get back to normal working function and full mobility.

Read more on their injury rehabilitation services at https://swansea-strengthandconditioning.co.uk/services/sports-injury-rehabilitation-swansea/

Enjoy Personalised Attention

Complete health coaching consultation packages are available, including personalised guidance on diet and lifestyle choices, with attention to your unique, individual needs and an emphasis on creating realistic, manageable plans.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the fitness centre’s health services. “I had a great experience with Swansea Strength & Conditioning,” says Natalie R, “I got customised meal plans and personalised training. The team was really encouraging and made the sessions fun and tailored to my goals and interests. Highly recommended!”

Let the team of fitness professionals at Swansea Strength & Conditioning help you get back on track!

Find more details, book an appointment or directly message their team visit https://www.facebook.com/SwanseaStrengthandConditioning/

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