Support Your Local Healthcare Workers With Gratitude Video Charity Campaign

May 30, 2020

The Healthcare Heroes is asking people to take a moment to show their gratitude to medical workers around the world with their video campaign, with $50 donated for each video with a $100,000 target.

Take 30 seconds to say ‘thank you’ to healthcare workers around the world who are putting their lives on the line for you and your loved ones. 

DHD Films, Tribute, and Energy Transfer have announced their Healthcare Heroes campaign if you want to show your gratitude for healthcare workers around the world. 

Visit for more information.

The announced campaign allows you to upload a video of yourself speaking of your gratitude for a specific healthcare professional or the entire healthcare front line. With each submitted video Energy Transfer are donating $50, with a $100,000 target.

In the current global climate, healthcare professionals are putting their lives on the line to help keep the pandemic at bay. The Healthcare Heroes campaign was created to allow you to show appreciation of their care and sacrifice.  

Founded by DHD Films Founder and Creative Director Shezad Manjee, the Healthcare Heroes campaign was inspired by his wife Sophia, a healthcare professional herself. 

When asked if she has any hesitation about going to work during the time of crisis, Sophia instantly replied: “This is the time my patients and their families needs us most.” 

Motivated by the response, Shezad wanted to find a way to say thank you to her, and the other healthcare professionals around the world who were risking their lives for their communities.

Shezad created the Healthcare Heroes campaign and began a pro-bono partnership with Tribute, an online video collection service, which allowed people to upload their gratitude videos to the platform.

Healthcare Heroes has now secured $100,000 from Energy Transfer, who will unlock $50 for every video that is submitted to Tribute. 

The campaign is looking for people from around the world to upload videos to help reach the $100,000 target and show their thanks to the healthcare community worldwide.

DHD has put together a video explaining the campaign which can be seen here and will be creating the world’s largest collection of gratitude messages for the medical community worldwide.

Say ‘thank you’ to the medical professionals around the world whose hard work and sacrifices are helping make our world a safer place!

If you would like more information visit the URL above.

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