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May 30, 2024

The National Medal of Honor Center For Leadership has made significant strides in its Patriots Point leadership center project.

Led by a dedicated team of Veterans and civilians passionate about fostering the next generation of American leaders, the National Medal of Honor Center For Leadership is one step closer to completing its 50,000-square-foot conference center. You too can play your part in making this Patriots Point leadership facility a reality.

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Embodying Medal of Honor Values

Receiving a medal of honor is an affirmation of courage, integrity, commitment, sacrifice, citizenship, and patriotism. These are the values the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership promotes in all of its programs.

By building this conference center, the organization seeks to establish a home where the future leaders of America can learn to embody the Medal of Honor values.

“Our lifetimes are full of moments and decisions that hinge upon the six pillars of the Medal of Honor. The National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership programming will help people prepare themselves to meet their own moment,” said Medal of Honor Recipient Ryan Pitts.

Creating An Immersive Learning Experience

The Patriots Point conference center is where all the character development courses, leadership symposiums, certification programs, retreats, and other initiatives for the organization will take place. The leadership facility will also feature an immersive learning experience with multimedia exhibits, artifacts, galleries, demonstrations, experiential artwork, and more. The work of the center is supported by a nationwide digital platform where Americans of all ages can discuss these values.

From hearing the stories of ordinary people who rose to face extraordinary challenges, to honoring heroic acts performed by exceptional marines, this immersive learning experience will help young leaders apply Medal of Honor values and ethical decision-making in all aspects of their lives.

“This curriculum aims to help learners prepare to meet their own moments by putting them in interactive scenarios and situations that ask them to exercise these values in the process of making tough decisions,” said Dr. Harvey Schiller, Chairman of the Board, MOH Center for Leadership. “We all face choices big and small that ultimately define who we are and help define the nature of this great country.”

Serving As A Local & National Platform For Leadership

Founded on July 29, 2019, the National Medal Of Honor Center For Leadership is on a mission to inspire, develop, empower, and challenge leaders in America, staying true to the ideals of freedom, democracy, and patriotism that make up the heart of the United States. Upon completion of its leadership facility, the organization will be able to serve in its full capacity as both a local and national platform for leadership.

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