Superone CryptoTrivia App Pays Players Instantly With International Cash Prizes

Feb 3, 2023

Have you ever wished for a more rewarding gaming experience? Smart Gamers Club (SGC) is bringing you just that with the Superone beta, a trivia app that pays to play.

Superone CryptoTrivia App Pays Players Instantly With International Cash Prizes

While most games offer the chance to win little more than bragging rights, the developers of Superone believe that gamers deserve a more tangible return on investment. That is why, after years of development, SGC is finally unveiling an app built from the ground up to reward its users.

Several months ahead of the official, paid release, SGC is inviting you to get a head start on Superone, their upcoming sports and entertainment trivia app. This beta launch is aiming to give you a chance to test and familiarize yourself with the game, and even win some impressive prizes along the way.

You can learn more and play today at

Trivia gaming already accounts for 25% of the online gaming market and is reported to be growing fast by companies like Accenture. In a multibillion-dollar industry, SGC sees this as an unprecedented opportunity for you to profit off of the skills you have been paying to cultivate.

Through a combination of traditional business, tournament-style competitions, and crypto technologies, Superone is designed to pay you back for investing in, winning, and promoting the game. From prizes to referral bonuses, SGC has used every tool at its disposal to reward you for building and engaging in the Superone community.

Equally important to the game itself, SGC is hoping to build an online community of gamers and “creators” to kickstart their vision of a “fandom metaverse”, in which you can connect and form communities around your common interests and passions. With Superone as its backbone, you’ll be empowered to create as well as compete with your fellow gamers.

You probably think this sounds too good to be true, and you're right to be skeptical in an internet riddled with two-bit crypto schemes and multi-level marketing mazes. This is why SGC has commissioned KPMG, an independent financial consultancy organization, to perform monthly audits of Superone’s financials, so you can rest assured that the network will remain transparent and accountable to its members.

Superone's beta launch is bringing you a simplified version of the app, designed to demonstrate the core mechanics in a way that emphasizes clean, seamless gameplay. Described as “a cross between Tinder and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, the game consists primarily of rapid-fire, true-or-false style questions that you can answer by simply swiping left or right.

You can expect more features and styles of play in the coming months, but the development team has stressed that maintaining the quality and reliability of the game is their priority in these early stages of the beta. Nevertheless, the team remains confident that the full release will be ready to roll out in Q1 of this year.

A spokesperson for the company shared their excitement, saying that “after years of testing and development, the Superone game is fun, exciting and nothing like you have seen before. It really is the game that gives back!”

Be one of the first to see how rewarding gaming can be by visiting today!

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