Summerville, SC Fence Contractor Installs Aluminum, Vinyl & Chain Link Styles

Jun 4, 2024

Want to enhance the privacy, security, and curb appeal of your Nexton, SC home? Then give the fence installation experts at Summerville Fence Company (843-938-5118) a call!

Don't sit on the fence when it comes to picking a fencing contractor for your Nexton home; go with the best in the business — Summerville Fence Company! They install secure, aesthetically appealing chain link, vinyl, aluminum, and Charleston-style wood fences.

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Affordable & Secure

Summerville Fence Company’s most cost-effective fence option is its chain link fencing, which is made of tough steel and can be built as high as 20 feet. If you want something affordable and low-maintenance, you can opt for vinyl fencing instead. This type of fencing comes in a variety of colors and styles and doesn’t warp, rot, or fade.

“Chain link fences aren't just cheap and strong; they're also great for keeping your property safe,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Similarly, vinyl fences offer all the protection and privacy you need while having a sleek and modern look.”

Stylish & Unique

As far as appearance is concerned, Summerville Fence Company’s most stylish fence options are its Charleston-style privacy fencing and its aluminum fencing. Made of vertical and horizontal wooden boards, Charleston-style privacy fencing can be inlaid with details like scalloped tops and ornate latticework. Though a bit more costly, aluminum fencing can also be customized in many of the same ways.

Easy Process

The installation process varies depending on the type of fence chosen, how much of it is needed, and where it is going to go, but generally, it starts with a consultation. After this, Summerville Fence Company’s team removes and disposes of your existing fence and begins prepping your land for the new fence. They then install the new fence and do one final walkthrough with you to ensure you are satisfied.

Many Benefits

Installing a new fence on your property offers multiple benefits. Firstly, it enhances security by providing a physical barrier against intruders, protecting your home and your family. Secondly, it adds privacy, creating a secluded space for relaxation and outdoor activities. Lastly, a well-designed fence can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property, increasing its value and curb appeal.

“After researching various fencing companies near me, I decided to go with Summerville Fence Company, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice,” said a satisfied client. “Their team of skilled fence builders exceeded my expectations with their craftsmanship and efficiency. I opted for a Charleston-style privacy fence, and it completely transformed my backyard into a private oasis. If you need a residential fence contractor, look no further.”

About Summerville Fence Company

Summerville Fence Company has been providing homeowners across South Carolina with high-quality fencing solutions for over two decades. In addition to installation, the company also performs repairs and routine maintenance.

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