Students Can Improve Communication and Persuasion Skills with NLP Life Coaching Courses

Oct 1, 2018

UK company Life Training Systems Ltd has announced the next 2 semesters of its Neurolinguistics Programming Courses. The courses were developed by life coach Chris McKay and are intended to help students increase their communication and persuasion skills.

United Kingdom company Life Training Systems Ltd has announced its next semesters of specialized life coach training courses. The courses focus on neurolinguistics programming and are intended to help students learn how to improve their communication skills and increase their influence and persuasion techniques.

More information can be found here:

The NLP life-coaching model is a comprehensive curriculum taking a deep look into quantum linguistics and the effectiveness of advanced language communication. The next master practitioner training courses are taking place in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom on July 14th to 28th and November 4th to 18th.

For those who are interested in the program but want more of a snapshot before they commit to the full training, the 2-day NLP Coaching Skills Diploma is a class-based program giving the structure of the coaching model, allowing students to walk away with a preliminary understanding of the teachings.

People can then sign up for the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Program which covers in-depth, topics like advanced learning strategies, inductive and deductive languaging, utilizing time, space, matter and energy, conversational hypnosis for resourcing, quantum language, advanced temporal language and much more.

A variety of free resources are available on the website for people who want to take a deeper look into the program material before signing up. The website offers a free download of their PDF guide to mastering advanced language with quantum linguistics. The website also offers access to 8 free introduction videos covering the first module of the program.

The Neurolinguistic Programming Courses were developed by Colin McKay and have allowed people all over the United Kingdom and beyond to hone in on their communication skills and be able to teach the valuable skills to others. Interested participants can find more information and sign up at the link above.

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