Stress Management Body Healing Qigong Classes Available in Salt Lake City UT

Mar 2, 2021

A wellness meditation center in Salt Lake City, Utah, announces its updated qigong stress management and anxiety reduction online classes. Tranquil Cloud serves clients in Arcadia Heights, Wasatch Hollow, East Bench, Bonneville Hills, and Rose Park.

Do you know that your emotional state can manifest itself in physical symptoms? Maybe that constant back pain of yours is more a sign of your stress than actual physical causes. How about those constant headaches? Your body may be telling you that something is wrong with your emotional wellbeing. 

Tranquil Cloud, a wellness meditation center serving Salt Lake City, Utah, announces its updated medical qigong for stress management and healing. The classes use gentle movements that promote the flow of blood and oxygen around the body, consequently calming the mind and relieving anxiety. The center also serves clients in Arcadia Heights, Wasatch Hollow, East Bench, Bonneville Hills, and Rose Park.

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The updated classes guide students to enter a state of proactive meditation by using constant, gentle, and calming movements. Because the movements are simple and repetitive, qigong can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their fitness level. The traditional healing art is usually recommended for elderly people as it also improves flexibility. 

Tranquil Cloud updated its regular weekly online classes to support more people in their wellness journey. The virtual workshops also comply with the latest health guidelines that recommend limiting physical interactions. 

Medical qigong should not be confused with nei gong classes, although both improve the energy flow within the body. Unlike nei gong which is like physical therapy turned inward, qigong is built on three pillars, namely posture, mind, and energy (qi). 

Medical qigong is more active and is considered a form of gentle exercise. The goal of qigong is to help qi flow more freely around the body to promote overall wellness and improve flexibility.

Each qigong class guides students to balance their body through the reduction or removal of stress and anxiety. Students learn how to proactively manage their stress through breathing exercises and self-reflection techniques.

Tony D’Angelo, Founder of Tranquil Cloud, says “As partners in the collaborative health care process, we are passionate about healing and restoring health and vitality.”

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