Strengthen Your Relationship With This Questions And Activity Love Journal

Mar 16, 2021

Strengthen your relationship and improve communication with your partner! Writing prompts and monthly couple challenges in The Lover’s Journal will help you fall in love all over again and grow the love you have!

Conflicts you have with your partner often arise because you no longer have the deep connection you once had. Work, stress, and financial problems may take your attention away from nurturing your relationship and showing appreciation and gratitude.

It's never too early to nurture the love you have. It's never too late to bring back the spark that made you fall in love! Journaling together can help you become closer, reflect on your relationship, bring more of the things that you love in it, and let go of the things you don't want.

Cera and Matthew, social entrepreneurs and hosts of a relationship podcast, announced the launch of The Lover’s Journal, a co-creative guide for couples with weekly interactive prompts, monthly challenges, and inspiring quotes.

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With the newly announced product, the authors aim to help couples build stronger relationships by getting to know each other better, expressing their feelings, improving communication, and developing a state of mindfulness.

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love requires care and commitment. All relationships have their ups and downs. Establishing a deep emotional connection with your partner is essential for handling any challenges you may encounter in your relationship. Journaling together can be a great way to have fun and bring more respect and harmony into your relationship.

The Lover's Journal is a shared communication tool that can help you and your significant other become closer, reflect on your relationship, be grateful for each other, and grow and evolve together.

Journaling helps develop a state of mindfulness and gratitude. The Lover’s Journal has fun monthly challenges and 52 weekly thought-provoking prompts you can use for sharing thoughts and opinions freely without judgment. Insightful quotes help to set the mood and provide inspiration for writing.

Matthew explained: "The Lover's Journal is a co-creative guide for couples. It's easy and fun to do! It’s a place to write what works, what you would like to shift - what you need more of, and what you can to let go of. It will guide you with weekly prompts to dive deeper into what makes your relationship special and what you can do to make it even better."

"We created The Lover's Journal to help couples map their relationship to greater love and harmony. It will help you handle the inevitable challenges that most relationships face at one time or another with grace, love, and compassion," he added.

The journals have a beautiful linen cloth cover with gold lettering. You can choose from a variety of colors - red, black, white, and light blue. Discounts are available when a bundle of two journals is purchased. You can also buy the journals in PDF format.

Matthew is a filmmaker, writer, and creativity coach. Cera runs a social enterprise in Kenya. Together they host The Interracial Couple, a relationship podcast in which they explore love, life, money, and cultural and racial differences. They created The Lover’s Journal as a thought-provoking and fun guide that could help them make their relationship deeper and more meaningful.

“Romantic relationships can be likened to fire; you need sustained effort to keep it burning,” said Cera. “The Lover's Journals are a great way to explore feelings and deeper connections with enlightening prompts, inspiring quotes, fun monthly challenges, and zero judgment.”

The Lover's Journal is a great tool for improving communication, building trust and honesty, and reminding your partner of the things that made you fall in love - and make you stay in love!

Click on the link above to order your copy!

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