Strengthen Your Core Muscles At Home With This Functional Training Device

May 1, 2021

Looking for home fitness equipment? The CorePump Machine is a versatile and durable device for cardio and strength training and improving flexibility. It is suitable for all fitness levels.

If you’re avoiding gyms due to health risks, you probably want to choose the best fitness equipment to keep up your routine at home. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars and free up a room in your home for a full set of equipment! The CorePump Machine is a convenient home gym that takes up less than 4 square feet of space and can be used for working all muscle groups.

Colby Innovations, a fitness equipment company, announced the launch of its updated CorePump Machine, a compact resistance training device that combines functional strength training and high-intensity interval exercise.

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The CorePump Machine is a versatile home gym that offers unlimited options for stretch, strength, and cardio training. The machine is suitable for all fitness levels. It uses Smart Resistance, which automatically adjusts to your strength, minimizing the risk of injury.

The device is available in four colors – black, red, grey, and purple. It does not require electricity and is whisper-quiet. CorePump can be placed in a home, office, hotel gym, fitness studio, chiropractic office, or physical therapy center.

The machine has an adjustable platform, 66 possible handle positions, and 6 settings of Smart Resistance. The company’s website features videos with exercises that you can do with CorePump, including exercises for abs, obliques, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and calves.

The PDAC has reviewed the CorePump Machine as a medical fitness device used to strengthen cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary health.

“I have owned a CorePump for a few years now and it has surpassed my expectations,” said a satisfied customer. “It doesn’t take much space and it does way more for me than a total gym. With every workout the core is active and the flexibility gained by using this piece of equipment is stellar.”

Improve your cardiovascular health, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility from the comfort of your home with just one device – the CorePump Machine!

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