Strategic Foresight Training By Renowned Futurist & Strategist Announced

Feb 12, 2024

Build your foresight skills with a customized training program by award-winning Futurist and Growth Strategist Lindsay Angelo. Futurist-in-50-Days is a strategic training program for business leaders looking to drive growth and innovation!

How future-ready is your organization? No, it’s not just a buzzword these days – being “future-ready” means listening for and understanding emerging trends and being prepared for them. If you want to take the next step in your strategic planning and outpace the competition, it's important to gain a deeper understanding of the role of foresight and develop the mindset to navigate it.

Fortunately, there’s a training program that can help. Go to for more information.

The world is on fast-forward, and now you can match the tempo.

Foresight is the new currency

Renowned Futurist and Growth Strategist Lindsay Angelo launches her Futurist-in-50-Days training for professionals, teams, and organizations.

The new training aims to democratize foresight and provide you with the tools you need to innovate and move with greater agility and confidence in your specific niche! For the first time, Lindsay shares her foresight and growth strategies for successfully navigating the future.

This foresight training is your gateway to:

  • Mastering the art of foresight
  • Creating a purpose-led future
  • Driving growth and innovation

Cutting-edge foresight training

Research from Harvard Business Review found that 85% of executive teams spend less than an hour per month discussing strategy and 50% spend no time at all. Lindsay Angelo explains that the speed of change is higher than it's ever been - and the future will belong to those who are able to foresee and innovate quickly. Addressing this, her new training program empowers leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the role of foresight in achieving success and how to act efficiently and effectively.

Specifically, she guides leaders on how to take a structured and inclusive approach to foresight. This includes learning how to frame the future and how to identify, distill and prioritize current trends. Business leaders will also learn how to craft their preferred future and develop a strategy to achieve that future.

Build your foresight skills

Futurist-in-50-Days is recommended for any business leader, team or organization who wants to drive growth and innovation and for freelancers looking to learn the art of foresight. The training can be delivered in a variety of formats including a self-paced course option that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

If you want to:

  • Learn how to drive strategic growth
  • Identify, distill and prioritize trends
  • Build your foresight skills

Then this training is for you!

About Lindsay Angelo

Lindsay Angelo is an award-winning futurist, strategy consultant, and TEDx speaker. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and celebrities and has been named a “Woman to Watch” and “Global Innovation Leader” for her dedication to helping business leaders and brands drive growth and impact. Her insights offer a unique perspective on the future of consumerism, innovation and purpose-driven business. The launch of Futurist-in-50-Days marks a significant milestone, building on the global success of her Strategic Thinking training.

A spokesperson for Lindsay wrote, "The training isn't taught by a professor or institution who has never practiced futurism in the wild. It's been designed by a seasoned futurist consultant who's built a career crafting strategies and delivering foresight to the biggest organizations, businesses, and think tanks in the world - and is still practicing. You'll get actionable, fresh-off-the-press content that's all about getting you results."

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