Stop Shark Finning: Buy Ethical Merchandise & Support Conservation Efforts

Mar 11, 2024

Ever Wonder Adventure is committed to stopping shark finning, a cruel practice that killed over 86 million sharks last year alone, but they need your help. Keep reading to see how you can fund their incredible work.

Ever Wonder Adventure is on a mission to:

  1. reveal the cruelty of shark finning,
  2. highlight the ecological role of sharks,
  3. show you the consequences of shark extinction
  4. and put an end to this ugly and horrific practice.

If you believe this is a worthy mission, you can show your support at

The Urgent Need To Ban Shark Fin Consumption

As a recent exposé by Shark Stewards, a non-profit preservation organization revealed, in 2023 86 million sharks or more were killed because of shark fishing, with 80% of those attributed to the fin trade. Ever Wonder Adventure believes this is an unacceptable figure, which is why they are now focusing on both raising awareness about the practice and eradicating it. 

The Impact Of Shark Finning On Marine Ecosystems

Ever Wonder Adventure stresses that—despite the fear that sharks may elicit in you—we all rely on sharks because they are a critical part of the marine ecosystem and food chain.

That’s why their team describes sharks as ‘guardians’ of biodiversity. However, sadly, because of these widespread finning practices, today many species are in peril. 

According to the criteria established by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in 2024 31.2% of all sharks are threatened with extinction with 121 shark species classed as endangered, 90 as critically endangered and 180 as vulnerable. 

Preserving Biodiversity Through Shark Conservation

The ethical, sustainable and authentic travel hub said in their own words, “Let us collectively make a stand against the consumption of shark fins, for it is an act of ignorance and cruelty. It is our responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures and preserve marine ecological balance for the sake of our planet’s future. Together, let us embrace a future where the use of shark fins as a delicacy becomes nothing more than a shameful relic of the past.” 

How You Can Help

In order to support their new conservation work, Ever Wonder Adventure asks you to purchase a new piece of environmentally and ethically produced merchandise from their new Save Earth collection. They have a selection of designs available that you can buy, including their new ‘Save Our Fin-tastic Friends’ line. 

If you purchase something from their Save Earth Collection, you can help Ever Wonder Adventure to fund their important advocacy and conservation work at locations worldwide.

If you want to help save our fin-tastic friends, you can do your part at

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