Stop Plastic Pollution Campaign Brings Awareness to Importance of Sea Turtles

Nov 30, 2023

Learn about the vital role sea turtles have in the marine ecosystem and how you can save them from plastic pollution in Ever Wonder Nature’s latest campaign.

Who doesn't love sea turtles? They're cute, majestic, funny to look at, and have fascinating behaviors. But did you know that they play an important role in biodiversity and the balance of the marine ecosystem? And that all of that is at stake because of plastic pollution?

When people talk about saving sea turtles from plastic waste, much focus is on how tragic it is that most of these beautiful creatures die from our reckless habits. And it is sad! Who wants to see a sea turtle suffering? However, sea turtle protection is about so much more. That's why Ever Wonder Nature has started a campaign that aims to bring awareness to the importance of sea turtles for marine life. Here you can read more about it.

According to WWF, sea turtles have existed for 100 million years, giving them an important role as a keystone species that maintains the balance in their natural habitat. But in the last 30 years, 90% of the biggest breed, the leatherback sea turtle, has declined, largely to blame on plastic waste. Just like WWF, Ever Wonder Nature recognizes that this calls for action and wants to make more people aware of the devastating effects of marine plastic pollution. 

Ever Wonder Nature points out three main issues with a potential sea turtle extinction: jellyfish overgrowth, reduced seagrass meadows, and a major imbalance in the marine nutrition cycle. These consequences would lead to the loss of habitats for other species and affect the whole food chain. In addition to being a considerable factor in this environmental issue, plastic pollution also leads to a slow and painful death for the turtles that get trapped in or ingest waste.

In addition to providing information about sea turtles' role in a biodiverse marine ecosystem, Ever Wonder Nature also has a merch collection. In the online shop, you can choose from hoodies, T-shirts, and mugs with the texts "Guardians of the Sea," "Save Sea Turtles," and "Stop Plastic-Polluting the Sea." 

Some other campaigns that Ever Wonder Nature supports are "End Shark Finning, Protect Oceans" and "Stop Food Waste, Save Mother Earth," and has practical advice on how you can contribute to these efforts. Additionally, the website lists several vacations that can be enjoyed in good conscience as the resorts and activities work actively to preserve nature. 

Go to!/Save-Sea-Turtles/c/154378753 to learn how you can support Ever Wonder Nature's work.

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