Automated AI Image Creation Software For Logos & Illustrations

Nov 29, 2023

With by Ali G you can create any stock image you can think of – and the only limit is your imagination. Take your brand and marketing efforts to the next level today!

If you want your marketing materials to stand out, you need to hop onboard the AI art train before it’s too late for you to keep up with the competition.

With by Ali G, you get an affordable alternative to Midjourney which means you don't have to rely on stock images for your ads.

Create eye-catching art at

1-click AI image generation to make your business pop

The software can create stock images, illustrations, logos, icons, and avatars that you can use for social media profile pictures, marketing content, and digital assets for engaging web design. As an alternative to existing services like Midjourney, StockDreams offers robust capabilities and provides services that are increasingly important for branding, advertising, and marketing campaigns.

The expense associated with licensing and purchasing stock photography can seriously impact small businesses and entrepreneurs, the creators explain. StockDreams empowers you to leverage AI for royalty-free image generation at an affordable price.

In addition to reducing licensing costs, StockDreams images allow for levels of consistency that are harder to achieve with traditional stock photography. Image output can be tailored in line with your brand guidelines, ensuring marketing assets remain cohesive no matter the campaign or media channel.

Make your slide decks shine with stunning pics

In addition to standard product and lifestyle photography for advertising, StockDreams’ illustration capabilities provide you with standalone art pieces for slide decks, websites, banners, and videos. Complex landscape illustrations, isometric graphics, and drawings can make videos pop and presentations more engaging.

StockDreams can instantly generate custom banner ads and graphics for display advertising and marketing campaigns - with output easily adjustable by editing prompt input. They can be used across social and advertising platforms like YouTube, X, and LinkedIn, or used for banner ads on websites. One-click generation allows you to create eye-catching assets for any online campaign even with no graphic design or illustration experience.

If you require additional customization and versatility, StockDreams offers add-on services like StockDreams Pro - with capabilities that include upscaling image resolution, vectorizing images, and more.

A spokesperson states: “Transform the way you create visual content with StockDreams. It’s the ultimate design toolkit designed to streamline your creative process.”

Want your business to stand out with amazing AI imagery? Give this software a try!

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