Stephen Kaltenbach Conceptual Art Installation Exhibition Here in Davis, CA

Sep 5, 2023

You don’t have to go to San Francisco to see world-class art. The John Natsoulas Gallery here in Davis is hosting an immersive conceptual art exhibition with work by world-class artists Stephen Kaltenbach and Seongmin Yoo.

Stephen Kaltenbach's exhibition is the culmination of decades of work. First gaining acclaim in the 1960s, the vastly experienced artist and former UC-Davis student is returning home with a month-long exposition at the John Natouslas Gallery. The groundbreaking work he is showcasing includes a site-specific multi-media installation and an immersive full-room installation.

Learn more about this stunning art exposition at:

The first major portion of the exhibition is the Suspended Inverted Pyramid Room - just the third ever fully realized Room Alteration. Kaltenbach first began drawing up plans for this room in 1967, and, after pursuing other interests for decades, he resurrected this idea in 2018. The artist launched an early version of the room at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art before continuing to fine-tune the exhibit into the version hosted at the John Natouslas Gallery.

The second exhibit, known as the Epicenter, was created in collaboration with Seongmin Yoo - a Korean-born multimedia artist whose work has a futuristic approach. The hybrid of her forward-facing work with Kaltenbach’s minimalist approach is expected to attract attendees seeking a unique artistic fusion.

The John Natsoulas Center For the Arts says that the Epicenter mimics light through the use of fabric by combining Kaltenbach’s geometric techniques with Yoo’s vibrant softness. You can walk through the room, passing by and under the multi-colored fabrics hung from the white cube in the center of the space.

The exhibition will run from August 30th to September 30th, allowing attendees ample time to schedule their visit. On September 8th, the Linda Bair Dance Company will conduct a performance beginning at 7:00 PM.

About the John Natsoulas Center For the Arts

The John Natsoulas Center for the Arts has earned widespread acclaim for the exhibitions it hosts. It was voted “Top Gallery in California” and was one of just 250 galleries across America chosen for inclusion in the Radiante Guide.

A local man reviewed his experience at the John Natsoulas Center For the Arts, stating, “Always a good collection of local work. Several almost hidden areas; feels like ascending an old house… make sure you don't miss the roof. Sunset views from the trees right at closing time.”

The translucent fabrics hung in the Epicenter are precisely placed to create a totally unique spectrum of light. The John Natsoulas Center For the Arts captured the construction of this stunning art piece in a time-lapse video that is hosted on its website.

See the creation of the Epicenter at:

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