Stem Cell May Help Improve Mental Function, Dementia Symptoms In Atlanta

Jan 5, 2023

Springs Rejuvenation 404-780-5617 in Atlanta is one of the very few clinics offering ethical stem cell treatments that may help repair damage caused by cognitive conditions such as dementia & acute strokes.

Stem Cell May Help Improve Mental Function, Dementia Symptoms In Atlanta

Despite the overwhelming grimness that comes with aging, it is important to remember that dementia does not have to be a natural part of life's journey. There are realistic interventions people can take today in order to maintain their cognitive abilities and ensure they live healthy lives into old age. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to stem cells, both positive and negative, that mask just how revolutionary they could be when it comes to regenerative medicine.

Millions of people suffering from debilitating genetic and degenerative diseases now have a ray of hope in the form of revolutionary cell and gene therapies. These treatments are not just providing symptomatic relief but rather helping bodies to heal themselves at a cellular level, representing an unprecedented paradigm shift within medical care.

Since their discovery in the 1960s, stem cells have been seen as a potential treatment for everything from acne to autoimmune diseases. While research has mainly focused on physical conditions, Springs Rejuvenation in Atlanta has new treatments that work to slow or stop the symptoms of cognitive decline as well.

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The new treatments combine the use of Stem Cells and Exosomes, which can stimulate healing and mediate the body’s natural immune response. Though research is still ongoing to find the limits of these therapies, recent studies suggest they may treat an extensive range of mental health conditions by helping to repair or regrow damaged neurons.

Though stem cell treatments are not common practice for cognitive conditions yet, this is mostly due to there being a recent development that has not yet been optimized for production at such a large scale. As one recent research paper explained (1), “Using stem cells appears likely to become a key feature of future clinical strategies for treating neurodegenerative disease by replacing dysfunctional neurons and affording neuroprotective and neurorestorative functions.” Aging brains can reap notable benefits from mesenchymal stem cells and exosomes. These powerful tools stimulate neurogenesis, which in turn boosts cognitive function to keep your mind sharp as you grow older.

Dr. Pereyra, a regenerative medicine expert at Springs Rejuvenation, has used stem cells to treat conditions ranging from injured joints and bones, to autoimmune diseases. The clinic focuses on highly individualized treatments using non-invasive methods and taking a proactive, regenerative approach, using stem cells to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.

While research is still ongoing to determine how effective stem cells can be at treating neurological conditions, many researchers believe they are the best candidate for many difficult-to-treat diseases.

There are so many treatment options available today that it can be challenging to find the best path forward, particularly with conditions that are resistant to standard techniques.

Stem cells offer a new, non-invasive option, that gives your body the best possible chance of healing itself.

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