Start Your Music Career With Record Producer Joe Hellow In Windsor, ON Today

Jul 29, 2022

Tired of digital recording? Always wanted to record on tape? Book yourself into Polaris Productions Limited (786-596-8378). Producer Joe Hellow has worked with music royalty and he’s helping young artists like you find their voice.

Start Your Music Career With Record Producer Joe Hellow In Windsor, ON Today

Looking to make your mark on the music industry this year? Capture your unique musical spirit with the help of producer Joe Hellow at Polaris Productions Limited!

Polaris Productions Limited provides aspiring musicians, songwriters, and seasoned session players alike with an inspiring setting for exploring their creativity. Whatever style or genre you're into, the studio can help you capture exciting, dynamic performances with the very best in modern recording technology.

From dance to rock and everything in between, Polaris Productions Limited makes records to remember. Say hello to hits with Joe Hellow! More details at

Polaris Productions Limited boasts a unique studio space as well as Joe Hellow's already storied career and vast experience in both live sound and recording contexts. The studio forms part of Polaris Productions' complete artist production services, covering talent development as well as record making. Have you got what it takes it to make it?

Polaris Productions houses two studios, both of which are kitted out with a combination of the latest digital recording technology alongside classic analogue gear.

If you want to explore the rich, fat, and warm tones of recording to tape, both Studio J and Studio G have the facility to record this way while still offering state-of-the-art digital recording and editing. If you're in need of a cutting-edge mix room, the Polaris facility also houses a complete Dolby Atmos dual HDX rig for the ultimate in multi-dimensional, surround-sound mixing.

About Joe Hellow

Joe is the son of the revered Canadian recording engineer and producer George Hellow who founded Polaris Productions in 1970. Under the tutelage of George and other acclaimed engineers such as Eric Morgenson, Joe has received the very best education in the production arena, working with artists such as Eminem and D12 during his time assisting at Studio A in Detroit. Joe now runs Polaris with his cousin Richey Nix, helping to find and nurture new talent at the studio. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “After working 12 years straight on the road, Joe has set his sights on being a music executive, developing artists and bringing them to the top. Valentina Mami is his first signed artist, and we only see success moving his direction as she just made Billboard magazine and has released multiple successful singles in 2021.”

Enjoy the ease of modern recording techniques with a splash of vintage colour. For more info, please visit

If you want to work with one of the industry's acclaimed producers, book a session with Joe Hellow at Polaris Productions Limited today!

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