Sports Chiropractor in Portland Introduces Insurance-Covered Workout Programs

Jan 31, 2024

Dr. Tyler Johnson and Dr. Phillip Snell at Solutions Sports and Spine can bill your insurance for your rehab workout program. They get you up and running, then hand off to trainers.

Earlier today, Solutions Sports and Spine announced the launch of its new insurance-compensated work outs service, set to go live February 1. 2024. For anyone with sports injury, looking for the best way to get back in the game ASAP, these sports chiropractors in Portland have cracked the code on the insurance game.

Most chiropractors offer repeat services that are mostly passive care that require regular, expensive visits for manual therapy, manipulation, hot packs and muscle stim. The President at Solutions Sports and Spine, Dr. Phillip Snell, says "The game-changer is how we discovered the way to get patient's rehab workouts covered by their insurance".

Dr. Phillip Snell continues... "In most sports injury clinics, patients are seen AS their injury itself. We see our patients as athletes and holistic humans with whole lives. We assess the patient's sport, lifestyle, and their biomechanics that have contributed to the sports injury. We discuss the athletic goals in the patient's sport and design a tailored supervised rehab workout program to move each patient from rehab to performance in that sport. We do this because we believe that most patients would rather be playing their sport than attending doctor visits. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our patients because those with health insurance can use their insurance to pay for this supervised rehab workout program. Most patients receive a program they can do on their own, or under a trainer's supervision throughout the week. Once weekly, patients consult with our sports chiropractors to make sure that the program is progressing appropriately. They then continue to work on their own or with the excellent personal trainers we have in our facilities."

Solutions Sports and Spine was established in 2002. It has been doing business in Portland, OR for over 20 years and it has always aimed to empower patients to get active and stay active.

Currently, the closest thing to Solutions Sports and Spine's insurance-compensated workouts service is either expensive, passive "steam-and-cream" rehab sessions in a sports injury clinic or out-of-pocket gym training by someone who doesn't know about how to accommodate workouts to rehab sports injuries. Solutions Sports and Spine improved on this by integrating with excellent gyms in the Portland area and coordinating care and rehab with the training staff. This is predicted to make Solutions Sports and Spine's Insurance-compensated workouts service more popular with patients who need to recover from sports injuries and get better in their chosen athletic endeavor.

Once again, the Insurance-compensated workouts service is set to launch February 1. 2024. To find out more, the place to visit is

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