Southampton, PA Water Purifier Company Launches Commercial Products

Mar 11, 2020

Filter Water, a water filter supplier in Bucks County, PA has released a new line of commercial water purifiers for government departments and agencies, airlines, automotive, chemicals, transportation, and more than 100 universities.

Access to clean water is critical to your business. If you own or operate a restaurant, hospital, laboratory, school, or other commercial facilities, you need to ensure that the water you use is free from organic and inorganic contaminants.

Philadelphia custom water purification system supplier Filter Water announced the launch of a new line of commercial water filters. These filters and purifiers are available anywhere in the United States and ship internationally.

The water filter suppliers in Bucks County, PA has unveiled its line of commercial water filtration systems. Filter Water is the Greater Philadelphia's leading supplier of commercial reverse osmosis water purifiers, commercial media filters, and laboratory-grade ultra-pure water purifiers. Equip your business with American-made water purifiers that can remove heavy metals, sediment, organic particles, and other contaminants safely, efficiently, and at low cost.

Filter Water supplies commercial water purification systems to government departments and agencies, airlines, automotive, chemicals, transportation, and more than 100 universities. The company supplies commercial water treatment systems for industry-specific applications.

Ensure that the water that enters your commercial facility is clean at all times. Choose Filter Water for high-performance water purification solutions tailored to your needs.

Filter Water showcased filtration systems with turbidity removal, acid neutralization, water softeners, lead removal, and arsenic removal. These systems are designed for 1-inch to 3-inch water lines and can be connected in parallel for larger high-volume commercial water supply.

The water purification company in Southampton, PA offers reverse osmosis water purifiers capable of processing volumes ranging from 200 to 10,000 gallons per day. All RO systems are available with carbon and sediment pre-filtration in models to maximize the rejection of impurities.

Filter Water supplies state-of-the-art water purifiers and pressurized storage tanks to restaurant kitchens, auto shops, and other businesses that need large volumes of water. The company also supplies Type I, Type II, and Type III ultra-pure water filtration systems to laboratories, medical, and research facilities to meet ASTM D1193, ISO 3696, CLSI-CLRW standards for clinical reagent water.

Filter Water is a full-service supplier of residential, commercial, and industrial water filtration and purification systems and accessories. The company is an ISO9001-certified manufacturer of domestic and commercial water purifiers in Philadelphia and a member of the Water Quality Association. Filter Water ships domestic and international orders from its warehouse near Philadelphia or its facility in Atlanta, GA.

For more information about commercial water filtration systems in Philadelphia, visit or call 800-439-0263.

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