Somerdale, NJ Snow & Ice Removal From Driveways, Parking Lots & Sidewalks

Jun 21, 2024

The 2024-25 snow season is only a few months away. Are you ready? Make sure you are by calling the snow and ice management experts at Sunset Lawn and Landscape (609-617-9129) in Somerdale, NJ!

Snow — it's pretty to look at for a few days but then it becomes a complete and utter nuisance! If you want to make sure it doesn't ruin your fall or winter, then you need to call Sunset Lawn and Landscape in Somerdale, NJ. Their snow and ice management services are designed to keep your home or business safe and accessible through the harsh fall and winter conditions. The company follows ANSI/ASCA A1000-2014 snow standard recommendations and their services are available 24/7 in case of emergency.

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To remove snow, Sunset Lawn and Landscape employs various pieces of equipment, including shovels and snow blowers for smaller, more intricate areas like sidewalks and pathways, and snow plows for bigger, more open areas like roads and driveways. In many cases, the type of snow dictates which methods are used (for example, lighter fluffier snow may just require shovels).

“When winter arrives, the battle against snow and ice becomes a priority for property owners and managers,” explained a spokesperson for Sunset Lawn and Landscape. “To maintain safe and accessible premises, it is crucial to implement effective snow removal strategies and take a proactive approach to ice management.”


Once the snow has been removed, Sunset Lawn and Landscape’s technicians will apply salt, sand, and other substances to increase traction in areas that experience heavy foot and vehicular traffic. They also disperse de-icing agents to melt ice and stop it from accumulating.


Prompt snow removal and ice management significantly reduce the risk of accidents or injuries occurring on your property due to slippery surfaces. They also prevent potential structural damage caused by heavy snow and ice accumulation.

Though the safety and accessibility of your home or business is Sunset Lawn and Landscape’s main priority, they are also committed to conserving the environment. This means they go to extreme lengths to ensure that your home or business doesn’t experience any landscape deterioration, water infiltration, or contamination caused by snow, ice, or the removal process itself. Furthermore, all of their methods and materials are sustainable and compliant with local regulations and environmental guidelines.

“Sunset Lawn and Landscape exceeded our expectations with their prompt and thorough snow removal services last winter,” said a satisfied client. “Our parking lot and walkways were always clear and safe, allowing our business to operate smoothly despite the harsh weather. Their professionalism and reliability made a significant difference, and we highly recommend them for any of your snow removal needs.”

About Sunset Lawn and Landscape

Sunset Lawn and Landscape has been providing clients across New Jersey with professional exterior solutions since 1992. In addition to snow and ice management, the company also does lawn mowing, landscaping, trimming, tree work, bed care, mulching, power washing. and seasonal clean-up.

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