Sole E35 Elliptical Beats BowFlex Max Trainer M5 For Warranty, Durability & Pros

May 21, 2024

If you want to know how SOLE Fitness’ upgraded Sole E35 Elliptical compares to the BowFlex Max Trainer M5, you’ll find all the features, pros, and cons in their new 2024 comparison guide.

If your search for an elliptical trainer has left you going around in circles, SOLE Fitness has the answer with their new comparison guide to 2024 models, including their own upgraded Sole 35.

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Introducing The New & Improved Sole E35 Elliptical

For A New Entertainment Experience

SOLE Fitness’ new Sole E35 Elliptical features several tech upgrades, including a new 10.1-inch touchscreen display with full Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, Bluetooth audio and entertainment and workout app compatibility, and it has been designed to offer you the same durability and functionality that SOLE has become known for, with the added benefit of a more enjoyable workout experience.

For A Full-Body Workout 

SOLE Fitness is dedicated to consistently improving their home gym equipment from a complete performance perspective, and some of the other main features of the upgraded Sole E35 include its new, wider range of inclines, with levels from 0 to 20 available. This means you can now better target all the muscle groups of your lower body.

For The Best Ergonomic Design

Additionally, if you're after a more comfortable and ergonomic workout experience, the Sole E35 now features angled physical therapist-designed foot pedals to reduce strain on your ankles and knees.

The Sole E35 now also boats their new patented fluid motion system. As a spokesperson for SOLE said, “The E35 features fluid natural motion provided by a whisper-quiet drive system which functions in both forward and reverse motion. The combination of a heavy 25 lb. flywheel and a high gear ratio not found on comparable models means an extremely smooth feel with plenty of resistance at the top end for a challenging workout.”

How Does The Sole Stack Up? The Sole E35 vs BowFlex Max Trainer M5

As their new consumer guide describes, the new Sole E35 has been voted best in class among ellipticals in a similar price range by consumer groups.

For High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

SOLE’s new consumer guide also compares the Sole E35 including to other popular devices like the BowFlex Max Trainer M5, which brings you both a step climber and an elliptical device in one and is designed specifically for high-interval intensity training (HIIT).

As the team at SOLE explained, if you are after quick, intense, cardio-focused workouts, the M5 may be a good choice. However, as Garage Gym Reviews corroborated, many shoppers have stated that the device actually lacked the versatility of a more conventional elliptical trainer.

For Warranty & Durability

Additionally, while the BowFlex only comes with a two-year warranty, SOLE backs up their E35 with a lifetime warranty on both the frame and the flywheel, the two major components of the device.

SOLE Fitness, For Honesty, Reliability & Customer Service

Before you commit to purchasing your new elliptical, SOLE Fitness recommends that you check their comprehensive guide to the features, pros, and cons of their device and others in a comparable price range.

If there is anything you cannot find online, SOLE encourages you to reach out and speak to a member of their customer service team.

If you’re looking for the best workout technology and a name you can trust, you’ll find it with SOLE Fitness.

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