SoHo, NYC EMDR Therapy For Trauma: Holistic Depression Treatment For Adults

May 20, 2024

Learn to confront your childhood trauma with the EMDR therapy for depression by Soho Integrative EMDR (646-585-1610). The specialized team of clinical psychologists helps clients understand the root cause of their depressive feelings.

With SAMHSA estimating that two-thirds of all children experience at least 1 traumatic event by the age of 16, it is important to know whether you’re suffering from the lingering effects of childhood trauma. Do you have problems forcing attachments and relationships? Do you struggle to regulate your emotions? Do you have thoughts of self-deletion?

You may be experiencing the effects of unresolved childhood trauma. We urge you to seek a holistic solution at

Childhood trauma leading to adult depression

Soho Integrative EMDR offers EMDR therapy for depression. These sessions are led by Dr. Rebecca Hoffenberg, Dr. Laura Faiwiszewski, and Dr. Irada Yunusova who utilize therapeutic trauma-informed methods to help you understand the root cause of your depressive feelings. The team explains that many severe depression cases have their roots in chronic or relational trauma, and it is essential that these events are processed to achieve longer-lasting recovery.

EMDR for depression

The team addresses the intricate relationship between depression and trauma. Combining EMDR with CBT and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Soho Integrative allows you to share your feelings in a safe space. Most importantly, you learn to silence your inner critic and develop a stronger sense of self.

"Utilizing therapeutic trauma-informed methods, individuals can begin to comprehend the roots of their depressive feelings, encouraging self-kindness and paving the way for a journey towards a life filled with greater fulfillment and self-compassion," the team writes. "Our team of experienced clinical psychologists specializes in addressing the intricate interplay between depression, shame, and guilt, especially as it relates to relational trauma."

How does EMDR work for depression therapy?

EMDR therapists guide you to move your eyes in specific ways while you're processing traumatic memories. Research has shown that it offers significant therapeutic benefits for those suffering from severe depression, especially as they learn to process underlying traumatic events. Compared to traditional depression treatments, EMDR therapy helps you reduce the vividness of the negative emotions associated with traumatic experiences – which, in turn, allows you to better respond to talk therapy, such as CBT.

This is important. Over time, you learn to remember traumatic events with fewer and less severe negative emotions. If you’ve felt trapped by intense sadness or a sense of worthlessness, EMDR therapy can help you rationally understand why you react the way you do to certain situations.

Why EMDR for depression?

The team at Soho Integrative explains that EMDR therapy is particularly useful for childhood trauma as it relates to adult depression. Done consistently, EMDR helps you heal from early traumatic experiences so you are more receptive to other trauma therapies for depression.

Soho Integrative is a specialized center that embraces EMDR in all its therapies. Its team of clinical psychologists is committed to helping clients achieve their highest level of well-being by resolving childhood trauma and teaching better coping methods for stress. The team offers EMDR therapy for a wide range of conditions, from anxiety to eating disorders. 

All appointments must be booked online. Currently, no walk-ins are accepted.

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