Social Network For Traders & Investors To Share Strategies & Learn In 2024

Mar 5, 2024

With Archuos, you can tap into a powerful social investment app that connects investors of all experience levels – and reimagines social trading!

Archuos is a cutting-edge platform looking to shake up financial services with an emphasis on community. Social engagement is front and center, and you can leverage strategies recommended by top financial influencers. Want to get involved? Pre-seed investment opportunities are open now!

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Access financial expertise in a fun, engaging way

Demand is high for simple and effective platforms that allow users to democratize financial expertise and build a network of like-minded investors. By building from the ground up as a social platform, Archuos offers a different take on the existing, tagged-on services that lack social and networking depth. A report by Deloitte said the model offers clear advantages for both retail and professional investors, adding, “A key benefit is transparency. Because all actions and outcomes are visible, users learn from each other.”

Archuos explains that social trading is popular among the fastest-growing group of new traders. Under-25s use various social platforms and copy-trading as part of their development as investors. According to Bitget, the group makes up 44% of all digital currency copy-traders, and that portion exceeds 75% if the age group is extended to 35.

Network with amateurs and experts alike

Archuos is a social network that connects experts with amateurs and enthusiasts to create a community that learns from each other, and benefits from diverse financial strategies. It offers a range of assets from traditional stocks and forex to cryptocurrencies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

You benefit from code-free trading automation, on-demand strategy backtests, and AI strategies that avoid the unpredictability associated with emotional trading and investing.

By starting from a social connectivity perspective, the company hopes to continue challenging the financial services industry and capitalize on the demand for social trading already taking off with traditional broker platforms. However, existing services are adaptations of traditional trading applications, limiting their ability to deliver the next generation of technological interaction.

See why the field is buzzing

Archuos was founded in the UAE in 2023 and is led by Dr. Majed Najrani, who brings global investment experience together with a team of data, marketing, and technology specialists, including CMO Professor Christian Farioli and CTO Soufiane Neghouche.

Opportunities like this only come around once in a while, so don't miss your chance to get involved.

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