Sober Living Home In New Jersey With High Level Of Care For Substance Users

Nov 16, 2023

Find supportive housing in Freehold, NJ with the sober living options by B House Sober Living. B Houses LLC works directly with Relevance Recovery (866-245-1497). The trusted drug rehab center helps you transition from addiction to recovery as easily as possible.

Your healing journey starts here

Sober living homes (SLHs) are structured, safe, and supportive environments that provide a smooth transition between intensive addiction recovery and “normal life”. These homes teach you how to:

  • Live on your own with full sobriety
  • Strengthen your financial literacy so you can hold down a full-time job
  • Cope with challenges in more meaningful and healthier ways

A SLH gives you the tools you need to thrive, offering tailored programs that promote long-term wellness. In sober living, you get the opportunity to “practice” sobriety outside of regular treatment.

Think of it like the warm-up game before hitting the court for the finals.

A sober living house with additional support available

Relevance Recovery is a leading drug rehab center in Freehold, NJ. It partners with B Houses sober living options include guided coaching and individual growth meetings to make it easier for you to reintegrate into society.

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There are also life skill development programs, such as career and education coaching and multiple pathway meetings! You are taught to become financially independent and find jobs that you can do full-time. The goal of the sober living program is to reduce the risk of relapse and provide continuous support to you as you recover from your addiction.

Recover from your substance abuse with dynamic programs

You will undergo weekly drug testing and regular recovery coaching either one-on-one with a mental health therapist or at peer leadership group sessions. There will also be regular volunteering opportunities for you to help other underserved communities.

The team at B Houses says that they have made every effort to make their SLHs as supportive as possible. They clarify that their sober living programs are intended to equip you with the essential skills you need to maintain your sobriety while living in a comfortable environment. As such, their SLHs offer fully furnished and decorated rooms with flat-screen TVs and premium cable and streaming.

You can now focus on healing from your illness and not worry about where you are living or what you are going to eat. 

All SLHs at B Houses have security cameras and keypads and follow a strict curfew policy. This is for your safety and those who consistently violate protocols may be dismissed from the program.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "The main goal is to help and motivate residents to make the most of their new life and find joy in whatever they do. We want to help them learn to love themselves and collaborate with others by creating a new family and a strong network of support."

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