Smart Window Cleaning Robot is the best option in the market in 2021

Sep 22, 2021

Smart automatic window cleaning robot for glass surfaces is best in the market in 2021.

HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic is the best window cleaning robot in 2021.

Let’s test the window cleaning robot. The robot coped with most of the tasks with a bang.

The robot does all the work for you, the feeling is great. In general, now is the time to tell in detail about what kind of device it is and what impression it leaves.

The robot is made in the form of a square platform 24 x 24 cm with a convenient handle on top. The height of the body together with the handle is only 10 cm, so, if necessary, the Hobot can be placed on a barred window. The washer weighs only 1200 grams, so it will not be difficult to handle it.

In the middle of the handle, there is a start or stop button for cleaning. To the left of the handle is the battery status window and speaker. On the right is a tank with a neck closed with a cork, next to it is a toggle switch and a socket for the power cord.

On the back of the robot, pay attention to the grate with suction holes – with its help the HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic is sucked to the surface.

It is important that no water gets in here. There are napkin fasteners around the perimeter. On the sides, there are caterpillars that provide movement on the glass, and height difference sensors that prevent the robot from falling off the frameless surface.

A caterpillar drive is installed along the edges of the bottom. Between them in the center is a brushless motor that drives and creates a vacuum that holds the device on a vertical surface. The safety cord is attached from one side, and the power cable is connected from the other.

The advantage of an ultrasonic nebulizer over a conventional nebulizer is that the liquid passing through the nebulizer turns into a fine particle mist. Such particles wash away dirt much better and are absorbed faster into the napkin. Imitation of a person’s breathing on the glass before wiping is only more effective.

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