Smart Gate Automation For Alpharetta HOA Or Logistics Center Security

Jan 15, 2024

How secure is your Alpharetta-based HOA, gated community, or distribution center? Automating your access control protocols with TEKWave Solutions (678-951-0626) can save you money, increase your oversight, and boost your site security!

Oversee the comings and goings at your industrial, corporate, and residential site with self-check-in kiosks, remote guarding, and a connected cloud-based platform - improve your access control with TEKWave Solutions!

The technology company can help you reduce friction in your site visitor intake and outtake processes while maintaining high levels of security. 

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Centralized, Cloud-Based Platform

TEKWave Solutions will augment your entry gate monitoring with both remote and onsite gate-guarding systems.

“We are now expanding our offering to optimize remote guarding in a Security Operations Center (SOC) to operate in concert with local guarding onsite while away from their post for a blended manpower solution”, a spokesperson said.

With the gate automation solution, all of your site's entry points will be monitored remotely from a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Moreover, the access control system can connect to a cloud-based platform that provides you with round-the-clock oversight of who leaves and enters your facility, community, or campus at all times. For universities, secure facilities, and gated communities, TEKWave Solutions' dual approach to security can be used to maintain compliance and enhance safety protocols.

AllBox Outdoor Touchscreen Interface

Further enhancing efficiency and security, TEKWave's connected AllBox Outdoor Touchscreen Interface can be installed into columns, gate pedestals, entryways, and lobbies where authorized personnel can check themselves in. The self-service check-in kiosk can be equipped with Bluetooth payment options.

From the interface, visitors can sign in to the site with a pin or QR code or connect to a call with a resident or remote operator. If you manage a gated community, HOA, university, and laboratory, the commercial visitor management system reduces friction in the flow of guests into and out of your site each day. Similarly, if you operate a logistics or distribution center, the system can update your inventories in real-time.

About TEKWave Solutions

Since being founded in 2010 in Alpharetta, the technology company has expanded its HOA, logistics, and commercial access management software instances to Chicago, Sacramento, Dubai, and Hong Kong. During this time, it has also honed its access control and gate automation services and has developed flexible, cloud-based solutions that work seamlessly in conjunction with your existing security protocols.

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