Smart AI Stock Alerts Let You Capitalize On Daily Shifts: Ideal For Day Traders

Feb 7, 2023

Stay ahead of the market with Pilot – a leading AI-based watchlist and alert system and the top choice of smart traders in 2023.

Smart AI Stock Alerts Let You Capitalize On Daily Shifts: Ideal For Day Traders

Smart trading in 2023 goes well beyond automated alerts - with Pilot's cutting-edge AI market analysis and live notifications, you'll be in the best position to optimize your trading for better outcomes.

The platform is designed to offer real-time alerts and watchlist features for stocks, crypto, futures, and others. Built on latest-generation AI technology, the system can analyze large amounts of market data and provide traders with actionable insights in real time.

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“Using psychology-based artificial intelligence algorithms, Pilot monitors the activity of all traders in real-time and allows you to know when the market is about change direction. When an opportunity is detected, Pilot alerts you with a selling or buying notification,” said a company spokesperson.

The new Pilot algorithm-driven system can scan the market for a wide range of trends, including other trader actions, which lets you identify potential trading opportunities. The live alerts allow you to make informed decisions and potentially see up to five minutes ahead on over 60,000 assets.

The platform offers a watchlist feature that allows you to keep track of your favorite stocks and options, and receive real-time alerts when the market conditions change - and the default watchlist is also available if you need independent trading suggestions.

Pilot can be connected to a variety of supported brokerages so you can trade with your preferred broker directly in the app.

“Our team of experienced traders and developers have worked together to create a platform that is both powerful and user-friendly,” said a representative. “The platform is also constantly updated to ensure that it stays ahead of the market and is able to provide traders with the most up-to-date information and insights.”

Pilot is currently available in three options, starting from the basic Free option and going up to the PRO+, which features direct in-app trade execution, real-time signals on thousands of assets, and other premium features.

Make the most of your day trading with Pilot - the smart alert and watchlist partner for the effective day trader.

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