Small Businesses Can Still Apply For ERTC Legally With This Application Service

Jun 3, 2024

Claim Your ERC Recovery, LLC, and ERTC Express can help you to secure the maximum ERTC refund with its fully managed application service!

With the IRS cracking down on fraudulent ERTC claims, it's more important than ever to work with a trusted professional. Claim Your ERC Recovery, in partnership with ERTC Express, is fully compliant with regulations and offers industry-leading service!

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Let experts handle your application

With the firm's Power of 3 system, three attorneys cross-check every aspect of the application to ensure its validity. This meticulous process helps to ensure that every claim meets IRS regulations and avoids delays or errors in processing.

"I had previously heard about the program but was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true," explains one recent client. "I was referred by a church member who assured me of their reputability. It took less than a month to find out that our church was eligible for a mid-six figure tax credit."

Get up to $26,000 per employee

The ERTC, introduced as part of the CARES Act, is a refundable tax credit originally designed to help businesses retain their employees during the pandemic - and you can claim up to $26,000 per employee. Many clients that Claim Your ERC Recovery has worked with in recent months have secured rebates in the six-figure range.

However, a significant number of those past clients were unaware of their eligibility prior to seeking assistance, the company explains. With the ERTC program set to expire in April 2025, Claim Your ERC Recovery is working to raise awareness of its program now.

Reduce errors & slow processing

Professional claims assistance can help mitigate the reduced processing time brought about by the IRS moratorium, which is expected to last throughout 2024, in order to address the current backlog of claims.

A spokesperson states: "The accuracy of our claims process and industry acceptance of its reliability have enabled many clients to gain access to funding advances for their ERTC claims. You can trust us to help you get every penny you're owed by the IRS."

Do you need professional assistance with your ERTC claim? You're in the right place!

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