Small Business Tech & Automation Courses: Unique Online Community For Owners

Jun 3, 2024

The vast majority of small business owners are considering automation, but many are also daunted by the task. Automate And Grow is a new online community designed specifically for this purpose.

Courses, Guidance & Community

Whatever challenge you’re facing, it’s likely that another business owner is experiencing the same, or has overcome it in the recent past. Automate And Grow is an online community to help you explore the world of automation with other small business owners.

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As a community member, you can learn how other leaders are implementing automation, and participate in weekly mastermind meetups. You’ll also have access to three in-depth courses, as well as 1-on-1 guidance with technology specialists.

Automation tools can help to streamline processes and improve business efficiency, and they are now being implemented across many sectors. Automate And Grow was established to help you stay abreast of the latest systems and ensure your business remains competitive.

“Our core mission is to empower small business owners by demystifying technology, thereby making the complexities of business automation accessible and actionable,” a company representative explained. “Our online community offers a rich suite of resources tailored specifically for small businesses, including comprehensive courses, weekly mastermind sessions, and personalized 1:1 conversations.”

Opportunities & Hurdles

Business automation tools now come in a variety of forms, such as prospecting and lead generation, human resources, accounting, customer support, database management, and more. A recent survey from Visa found that, while 91% of SMB owners say they are considering automation and AI to improve their competitive position, 67% also said they are not confident about how to implement automation.

As Automate And Grow explains, such statistics demonstrate one of the main hurdles facing the small business community: knowledge and empowerment. The new platform was established to address this challenge, offering a unique community for you to share ideas and experiences, and a team of experienced technologies to guide you every step of the way.

About Automate And Grow

Working to the core principle ‘simplify to amplify,’ Automate And Grow is now welcoming participants from all around the world. The platform currently has three courses, along with 1-on-1 support, and further education resources are currently being developed to further support the small business community.

The platform’s founders continued, “We strive to be the leading platform in business automation education, fostering a supportive environment where small business owners and freelancers can learn, network, and grow together.”

If the word ‘automation’ makes you break out in a sweat, join Automate And Grow to learn how to unlock its power.

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