Skin Regeneration Antioxidant Phototherapy Patch Increases Stem Cell Production

Oct 12, 2022

Cellmelt is bringing you a new version of their stem-cell boosting patch, designed to take advantage of the body’s natural processes to reverse age and stress-related tissue damage.

Skin Regeneration Antioxidant Phototherapy Patch Increases Stem Cell Production

The human body is a complex and cantankerous machine, and like any machine, will wear out as it ages. The body's ability to produce enough stem cells to heal tissue damaged by aging decreases as the years pass, so sometimes it is important to give that natural process a boost.

The Cellmelt phototherapy patch may be able to do just that, by inducing beta-oxidation in the skin and encouraging the production of new, healthier tissue.

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Their updated phototherapy patch incorporates new principles from stem cell research to increase regeneration and production of peptides and other beneficial molecules within the body. Among these is the idea that energy production in the cells can be increased through careful application of specific wavelengths of light, which the patch is designed to facilitate.

They have released this new patch as a way for you to combat the symptoms of aging without resorting to oral supplements or other drugs. The patch takes advantage of the body’s processes to stimulate healing in a natural, non-toxic way.

To use the patches, place them on the recommended locations on the body which are centers of cell reproduction and energy storage, such as the chest or lower stomach. When placed as such, the patches are intended to trap the energy being burned during normal metabolic processes to be recycled into stimulating the growth of new cells.

Cellmelt says that their new patches specifically reflect the natural infrared radiation produced by the body back into the upper layers of the skin. This stimulates the nerves, which in turn causes increased blood flow to the area of application, boosting the local metabolic processes.

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These therapies are intended to assist in a variety of self-improvement situations where pharmaceutical solutions might otherwise be necessary. These situations include treatment of rough or damaged skin, age-related problems such as wrinkles and crow's feet, and stagnant metabolism.

Your body will thank you in many ways for helping it do the work of healing in a natural and non-toxic manner. Other solutions to age-related skin damage might involve harmful chemicals, but with Cellmelt, all you need to do is apply and forget.

Each patch should be applied to clean, dry skin and left on for 12-hour periods for maximum results. Cellmelt also encourages those using the patch to practice proper nutrition and hydration habits in order to improve cellular respiration and metabolic benefits further.

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