Sign Up For YieldNodes And Earn Stable Passive Income By Running A Master Node

Aug 25, 2022

If you’re looking for a blockchain-based passive income source, but wary of another rug pull, then check out YieldNodes. Here, you get rewarded for supporting the entire blockchain infrastructure.

Sign Up For YieldNodes And Earn Stable Passive Income By Running A Master Node

Just recently, the internet was awash with stories of crypto bros despairing over their losses at the most recent market crash. But not everyone was having a bad time.

The lucky ones who are part of the YieldNodes project saw a 9.2% yield in their investments in July 2022 alone. And here’s the best part: over a three-year period, YieldNodes beat gold, BTC, and the stock market.

But this sounds too good to be true, you’re probably wondering. Well, not quite, as one independent blockchain researcher has recently discovered.

Black Book Crypto founder Joseph Giove, who attended the most recent staging of the annual YieldNodes event as a guest auditor, is sharing his discoveries in a new piece he wrote in order to bring more public attention to YieldNodes and the business prospects of master noding.

You can check it out at

In his article, Mr. Giove first introduces readers to the concepts behind YieldNodes, particularly its unique business model that traditional blockchain participants may not be familiar with. He describes the process as a “pay for service” system, where participants generate revenue by maintaining a master node—a critical part of the entire blockchain infrastructure in charge of block verification and governance.

You don’t need to be a blockchain developer to participate because YieldNodes automates the entire process for you using a proprietary algorithm. “The YieldNodes business model incorporates this algorithm in its own unique formula that deploys its shared resources for the benefit of all its members,” Mr. Giove wrote.

In addition to fulfilling an important role in the blockchain, one other factor that lends credence to YieldNodes is the road map unveiled by its parent company, Decenomy, during the audit. According to Mr. Giove, Decenomy is positioning its eponymous system—which stands for “decentralized economy”—as a “counter concept” to decentralized finance, or DeFi. Unlike DeFi, however, Decenomy will be defined by tangible assets instead of digital-only assets, tokens and NFTs for asset registry, regulatory mechanisms through smart contracts, master node staking, transparency, and rewards.

Mr. Giove also discovered that the concept of Decenomy will soon have a real-world “test case” in the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa. Moreover, a number of projects are set to be launched using this concept, including sustainable energy sources for São Tomé and Príncipe and Malta, a sewage purification and recycling project using hydrothermal carbonization, a betting platform, and decentralized mobile charging for electric vehicles, among others.

“YieldNodes-Decenomy is a viable, real project with an inspiring future, and a team that cares about its members and holds them as its number one priority,” Mr. Giove said, dismissing notions that the project is a scam or another Ponzi scheme. “On the contrary, the team has a long-term vision, and they fully intend to fulfill it.”

Forget about mining or trying to time the market. If you want a reliable passive income source that doesn’t require checking the charts every second 24/7, you should definitely give this a shot.

If this preview has whetted your appetite for more info, see Mr. Giove’s full presentation at or visit YieldNodes at!

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