Short- & Long-Term Investment Strategies For Retirement Planning In Chicago

Dec 12, 2023

Make your money go further and protect the retirement plan you’ve worked so hard for with expert consulting and wealth management services from Goldstone Financial Group! (630-620-9300)

If wealth management sounds like something that only the very rich have to worry about, think again! Whatever your financial circumstances are, you need to consider the kind of lifestyle you're going to want after you retire. Luckily, Goldstone Financial Group is here to help!

Whether you're a current or soon-to-be retiree or you're still young and want to plan ahead, the trusted Chicago-based financial advisory firm can help you make the most of your budget and ensure you get the kind of lifelong security that we all want.

Take advantage of Goldstone's proprietary Retirement Roadmap – a comprehensive package of consulting on all things related to lifelong income and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in your later years. The firm's self-styled 'Financial GPS' takes a 360-degree view of all factors affecting your personal economy.

Keep your wealth in better health – reinforce your retirement plans with Goldstone Financial Group. More details at

Need help simplifying the complexities of investments, tax deferrals, and tax minimization strategies? With high inflation creating widespread concern about the value of investments and the affordability of retirement in general, Goldstone's team uses its experience to allay your fears and formulate strategies that can withstand the ups and downs of the economy.

A 2023 study by the Federal Reserve Board revealed that the average American under 35 only has around $13,000 saved for retirement with just 30% of people reporting that they felt on track with their savings goals. Global events like the COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation, and an ongoing cost of living crisis have compounded the financial difficulties of millions of working families. Retirement contributions are often the first thing to be sacrificed during periods of economic hardship. Does this sound familiar?

Goldstone agents are all certified fiduciary advisors. This means they have a legal obligation to advise in your best interests. With its expertise in portfolio management, the advisory team can help build a robust combination of short and long-term investments with diverse asset allocation. This also includes regular risk management assessments to ensure that retirement timelines and income protection strategies are both adhered to.

The firm's wealth management services also extend its expertise in tax planning. Advisors can help you minimize your tax burden by advising on the suitability of 401(k), IRA, and Roth IRA accounts.

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Led by founder and CEO Anthony Pellegrino, Goldstone has been providing expert financial consulting in the Chicagoland area since 2008.

A spokesperson says, “We serve as a comprehensive financial solutions provider, forging a deeper relationship and creating a plan that can be adjusted as needed to help you reach your unique personal goals.”

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