Shoppable videos are a trend that every e-commerce business should make use!

Nov 8, 2022

Retailers like Target and Macy’s are also beginning to experiment with this new format. And it’s not just limited to big businesses – even small businesses are finding success. Use shoppable videos to grow your e-commerce business

Shoppable videos are a trend that every e-commerce business should make use!

Take your e-commerce store to the next level by using shoppable videos. Shoppable videos are a great way to showcase your products and give customers a seamless way to buy them.

There will be an exponential increase in video marketing in the future. This is due to the increasing social media use and video content's growing popularity.

More businesses will use video marketing to promote their products and services . Thus, it makes sense to create shoppable videos on your website. Also, live shopping, and video ads, are developing more traffic to the online store.


Shoppable videos can be used in email marketing campaigns and social media posts. They generate interest and drive traffic back to your store. When appropriately used, Shoppable videos are a powerful way to increase sales and conversion rates on your e-commerce store.

Benefits of shoppable videos

There are many benefits to shoppable videos platforms. Shoppable videos are interactive videos, including the ability to engage potential customers, increase conversion rates, and drive sales. By allowing customers to shop directly from a video, businesses can provide a seamless and interactive experience that can lead to increased sales. Additionally, shoppable videos can be used to promote products or services, showcase new arrivals or collections, and drive traffic to a website or store.

Create Shoppable Videos For E-commerce - Importance

People are busy with daily life, so they don't always have time to go to the store. Shopping online is sometimes our saving grace, but it's hard to get a sense of the products without being able to see them in person. That's why shoppable videos are so important these days! People can better understand what I'm buying and make sure it's exactly what I want.

Plus, shopping is way more fun when you can see the product in action. It's like being in the store without actually having to go there!

As eCommerce continues to grow, so does the importance of video content. In fact, by 2022, it's estimated that 80% of all global internet traffic will be video traffic. And with platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are now offering shoppable videos, it's never been easier for brands to sell their products directly to consumers.

How Can Shoppable Video Help Your Business Grow?

Shoppable video is a great way to help your business grow. It allows customers to see your products in action and then purchase them directly from the video. This can help increase sales and conversion rates, as well as build brand awareness. Additionally, shoppable video can be a great way to connect with customers and create a more personal shopping experience

There is often a question of where to use these videos. Below are few examples of places where you can use them. Based on the companies needs and the target audience, you can use on of the options or use a combination of options.

1. Use Them On Your Product Pages.

It is a great way to give customers a closer look at your products and how they work. You can also use shoppable videos on your product pages to answer common questions that customers might have. Using shoppable videos on your product pages gives them a new experience and helps the visitors make the purchase faster and easier.


2. Use Them In Video Ads.

Shoppable videos are a new way to include video in your ads. This type of video allows viewers to click on items they see in the video and purchase them directly from the retailer. Shoppable videos are a great way to increase sales, as they allow customers to buy items they see immediately. Including a shoppable video in your next ad campaign is a great way to increase conversions and boost sales.

3. Use Them In Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Of course, email is still a critical part of your marketing strategy. However, we see a shift from email to video. Video emails are becoming more and more popular for marketers. Including shoppable videos in your email marketing campaigns is a great way to increase conversions and ROI. Here are three ways to use shoppable videos in your email marketing campaigns.

4. Use Them On Social Media Platforms For Shoppable Videos.

As social media platforms evolve, they are increasingly incorporating features that allow users to make purchases without ever having to leave the app. This is especially convenient for impulse buys or purchases of items that are time-sensitive, like concert tickets. For businesses, this presents a unique opportunity to sell their products directly to consumers with little to no overhead cost.

Interestingly, shoppable videos are not a new phenomenon; in 2015, YouTube launched a pilot program that allowed select brands to include “buy” buttons on their videos.

5. Create Shoppable Video On Your Website's Homepage.

Adding shoppable videos to your e-commerce store's website is a great way to increase conversion rates and boost sales. This also can increase the retention rate of the website. Shoppable videos on your e-commerce store's website can increase conversion rates, sales, and retention.

By allowing customers to shop directly from your video content, you can make the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable for them. This can lead to more sales and repeat customers in the long run.

Shoppable Videos Are The Future Of E-commerce:

Shoppable videos are the future of the e-commerce business. With the ability to seamlessly integrate purchase links into the video content, shoppers can now buy products without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

The only downside is that these videos are incredibly dull to watch. After just a few minutes of mindless scrolling, most people are ready to click away

If you're looking for ways to take your e-commerce store to the next level, you should consider using shoppable videos. Below are the few advantages of using shoppable vidoes.

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

2. Attract New Customers

3. Enhance Your Brand Identity

4. Increase Customer Engagement And Conversions

5. Improve SEO

Shoppable Video For Next Generation Customers

Gen Z is looking for something more than a traditional advertisement when they decide what to buy. They want to be inspired throughout the entire funnel with seamless shopping experiences they feel relevant and personal. Brands should also make an effort to entertain and engage with them, which companies should do through omnichannel commerce opportunities. Many live shopping platforms have already taken advantage of this.


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What Companies Are Already Using Shoppable Videos?

Some of the world's biggest companies are already using shoppable videos to drive sales and engagement. These include fashion brands like Burberry and Rebecca Minkoff, as well as beauty companies like Sephora and Birchbox.

Retailers like Target and Macy's are also beginning to experiment with this new format. And it's not just limited to big businesses – even small businesses are finding success.

Thoughts And Take Away On Shoppable Videos

E-commerce is constantly evolving and fluctuating. For example, video consumption has never been higher than it is today. So it's crucial to modify the approach based on current patterns and concrete trends. 

For example, China has dedicated shoppable video apps with just videos in them. It is essential for e-commerce stores and companies to be a part of this evolving change as soon as possible before it's too late.

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