Shipping Concrete Countertops & Custom Elements Now Available By Madison WI Pros

Jan 29, 2020

Concrete Countertops, Sinks, Vessels and Elements can now be shipped by Artisan Design & Finishing located in the Madison Wiscon area. Due to technological advancements, custom concrete is fabricated lighter and more durable than ever.

  • shipping concrete countertops amp custom elements now available by madison wi pr
  • shipping concrete countertops amp custom elements now available by madison wi pr

Artisan Design & Finishing has been building custom concrete countertops, sinks, vessels and unique items for Wisconsin customers since 2,000. Due to technological advancements in materials, tooling and design, decorative concrete items can be fabricated lighter and more durable than ever. Jeff Scott’s team at artisan Design in the town of Mt Horeb, Dane County can now design and build custom items and ship nationwide.

This has opened new business opportunities. According to Owner Jeff Scott, anything that can be made, can be made better with concrete.

Artisan Design & Finishing Services include concrete countertop fabrication, installation, concrete floor coatings, and more. Concrete can be cast in any color or customized shape. It’s the most used and custom building product available.

Jeff Scotts team has fabricated countless custom items. They’ve imbedded colored glass, tile and wood to personalize the finished product. It’s rare that 2 products come out the same.

Over the years as the popularity and demand for custom concrete countertops, sinks and vessels has increased, so has the process. GFRC, which is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, has made the cement material significantly lighter. New additives have minimized, and in many cases, has eliminated cracking. The result has opened up creative design with a sensational product. The lighter weight has enabled Artisan Design & Finishing to ship to customers nationwide.

Local customers throughout Mount Horeb, Madison, Dane County, Iowa County can visit their showroom. Architects and Interior designers can send their designs directly to Jeff. With the use of video, Jeff can provide a virtual walkthrough of his showroom and shop. Samples can be fabricated, then sent out for approval. Then custom items can be fabricated and shipped.

More information can be found at:

Artisan Design & Finishing mission states: “We are a team of specialized professionals that will give you unlimited options for your remodeling or custom home or commercial project. We care about providing you with unforgettable customer service more than anything else, so you can always count on us to do a job well done.”

Full details of the newly expanded service can be found at:

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