Sherbrooke, QC Laser Engraving For Industrial Control Panel Front Plates

May 17, 2024

For unmatched precision and durability, choose Systana Gravure Laser’s (819-578-6999) engraving services for face plates and control panels.

From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space, Systana’s engraved face plates for control panels are the unsung heroes, silently guiding operations that keep our modern world humming. From manufacturing to aerospace, they serve a multitude of industries, reducing the risk of operational errors and increasing safety in the workplace.

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Systana’s Laser Engraved Face Plates Are An Investment In The Longevity, Reliability, and Efficiency Of Your Control System

Systana explains that whether utilized in machinery, vehicles, planes, or kitchens, its highly durable face plates are built to withstand wear and abrasion. They provide crucial protection for the delicate underlying circuitry within control panels and shield against accidental touch, impact, external electrical interference, and environmental conditions.

Material Mastery

To create your engraved face plates for control panels, you can choose between two materials that offer optimal weather and scratch resistance, and long-lasting clarity. The first is textured lamacoid plastic, a phenolic composite typically made from layers of resin-soaked base material that is laminated, compressed, and cured. The company notes that this option is renowned for its sturdiness and ability to withstand chemicals and moisture.

Alternatively, you can opt for stainless steel, known for its strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature tolerance. Systana Gravure Laser adds that this option also offers an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Contact the company to discuss your requirements and material preferences with a specialist in laser engraving for control panels now!

Precision Engineering

To engrave their products, Systana Gravure Laser utilizes C02 or fiber laser machines, capable of micro-level accuracy, to create high-precision signs, symbols, and instructions. In addition, the company offers laser marking for control panels - a technique that involves surface-level alteration to produce permanent, high-definition marks.

Customers should specify their dimensions, text, graphics, and desired layout to order their industrial identification products. The company serves clients throughout Canada.

“We have been working with Systana for more than 15 years and we are completely satisfied with our business relationship,” said a satisfied customer. “We consider them as not only a very reliable supplier, but also as a partner. We strongly believe that once you try their services, you will not look back.”

For engraved control panel face plates that precisely meet your signage and identification needs, call Systana Gravure Laser today at 819-578-6999!

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